Best Selling Art as Prints and Posters…no’s 6-10

Last weeks blog dealt with no’s 1-5 – you can recap on that blog here.

This week we are going to look at the next 5 leading up to the top 10.

In at no. 6 is White Poppies.  I love doing the backgrounds for these paintings.  Many people have asked me if it is a stencil – definitely not!  This is all done by hand and no pattern is ever the same.  It is like a fingerprint.

No.6 ~ White Poppies

No. 7 is also held by a poppy painting ~ The Poppy Collective was a huge painting, the first large one I ever did of poppies.  It was definitely a challenge to do, especially the background as you can well imagine.  The painting measured 760mm x 920mm.

No.7 ~ The Poppy Collective

Sunset Reflections is at no. 8.  The original was purchased by my sister and hangs in her bedroom.  It was a marriage between the poppies and the sunset/landscape.

No. 8 ~ Sunset Reflections

Another poppy painting has made it into the top 10 ~ Poppies in the Rising Sun.  This particular one was featured on the RedBubble homepage.

No.9 ~ Poppies in the Rising Sun

And lastly, in at no. 10 is my Musical Mural.  I painted this mural in my husbands (Templeton) recording studio (Sofa Studio, Cape Town).  It measures 1 meter x 1.2 meters.  It was great fun to do and let me get out of my ‘box’ for a while to explore a new style.  I also used a variety of mediums, such as chalk pastel (fixed it and then varnished over it to make it ‘permanent’) and gold spray-paint.  The main medium was acrylic.

No. 10 ~ Musical Mural

And there you have it — the Top 10 Best Selling Art as Prints and Posters via RedBubble.

It has been really interesting doing this blog and seeing for myself what the top 10 were.

5 thoughts on “Best Selling Art as Prints and Posters…no’s 6-10

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    • Hi Lana, I’m a student from University of South Alabama and I’ve been radeing your blog. That must have been really exciting to spend the day teaching art. The lesson that you gave the children sounded very interesting and I bet it was a lot of fun. Well great post Lana, keep up the good work!

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