Lockdown Boredom: Get Your FREE Colour Therapy Pictures Now


I’m not going to bang on about the virus and the world in turmoil, you’ve undoubtedly had enough of that. In this blog I would like to offer you some FREE printable adult (and children) coloring pages in an attempt to inspire creativity, to keep the little ones busy and to perhaps take your mind off your world of woes.

Without further blurb, here is your first one:

To download, click on pic and right click and save 😃 I’m offering these colouring pages as FREE downloads but there are a 2 unique ones that you can download instantly from my Etsy store for the nominal fee of 52c (was 98c).

*Please note that these images are free for personal use only. Copyright laws apply. Strictly not for resale.

Forest Critters by Cherie Roe Dirksen

To the left is my coloured-in version of these Happy Critters.

Click on the picture if you want to be frog-marched off to Displate, where you can get this artwork on a metal print and feel all warm and fuzzy inside ’cause for every print sold a tree is planted!

Here’s day 2’s drawing – enjoy!20200328_132209

Here is day 3’s drawing – this should keep you busy:


Here is day 4’s drawing…there just had to be one with poppies and spirals 😀 This one can be purchased at my Etsy store HERE (was 98c but now only 52c) or by clicking on the picture:


Retro White Poppies Still Life by Cherie Roe Dirksen

To your right is my retro-ish coloured-in rendition of the page above.

This one is also available at Displate — you know that shop that plants a tree for every print sold?

I actually drew this colouring page from an original painting of mine. You can view that at my Saatchi Art gallery HERE for interest sake.

Here is a Zen baboon for day 5 😃


Did you know that I offer all my books as FREE downloads? Check them out in the drop down menu at the top of my page (under that spiffy banner). Why am I doing this? Because I know there are some of you who are financially challenged at the moment, and I would like you to be able to read these books too if the subject of self-empowerment appeals to you.

Day 6 is all about perspective 😉


Here is ‘Love Cat’s’ for day 7:


No.8 is a countryside landscape. This one can be purchased at my Etsy store HERE (was 98c but now only 52c) or by clicking on the picture:

Get this at my Etsy store for 98c - Instant Download! 2

Day 9 honours the global meditation that’s about to happen, join in/ find out more HERE.

Get the message? 🙂


While some of these images are given freely, if you feel you want to donate a little something, my PayPal address is cheriedirksen@yahoo.com. But this is purely optional. Or you can support me by purchasing the coloring pages that are not free at my Etsy store (I have clearly marked those that are for sale for 98c).

Here is day 10’s drawing:


Here is day 11 and 12 (forgot to post yesterday):



Village Houses was fun to colour-in! Here is my version below. You can buy all sorts of products with this design on, just click on the picture to take you to my store:

Quaint Little Village by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Day 13 is all about poppies 😁 No surprise there!


Day 14 is all about lurvvv:


Day 15 is just a dahlia, pure and simple:


Day 16’s pic is below:


Day 17 happens to fall on Easter 🙂


Here is Day 18’s drawing…a little bit fishy:


And Day 19 is a bee and flower mandala:


Below is my coloured rendition of the Bee and Flower Mandala. Click on the picture to buzz about my store of available products with this design on:

Bee Mandala

Day 20 already!!!


And last but not least, in this 21 Day Lockdown Boredom Challenge is, “The Kiss”:


Kiss Me became another one of those 80s retro-type designs. See below for my coloured-in take of this embrace:

The Kiss Retro Romance by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Click on the picture to take you to my store of all sorts of delights with this design on.

I also have this available at Displate (tree planting site), click HERE.

Thanks for joining me in this fun activity. I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay safe!

UPDATE: Are you ready to take your colouring to the next level?

I’ve just released my new mandala colouring book and it’s available as an instant download.

Click HERE or on the picture below::

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