FREE Wallpaper Downloads from ‘New Life Resolutions’

The below quotations are taken from my manifesto (yours FREE here) — ‘New Life Resolutions’.  I hope they inspire you.

Feel free to click on the image, then right-click and ‘save image as’ to download them to use as desktop wallpaper or to print out as mini posters.  Please share them with your friends.

These photos and quotations are under strict copyright laws and are for personal use only.

If you would like to gain easy access to all of the below quotations and more, I have an album on my facebook page where you can go and comment, like or share — JUST CLICK HERE.

I welcome donations of any amount — your generosity keeps me in business.  Thank you.  🙂



10 thoughts on “FREE Wallpaper Downloads from ‘New Life Resolutions’

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  3. Hi Rod, thanks for the wapllaper man. Hope you are having a great week. Loved the new scene last week. Can not wait for the live show Thursday, your are the best. Take care and body is looking awesome dude. Have a good week.


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