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Okay, so I’m this blonde African artist, muso (bass guitarist for Templeton Universe) and self-help writer/columnist (for CLN and Odyssey mag) from the Karoo, South Africa (yeah, that country where lions and zebras prowl the streets at night) with a burning passion for all things creative, kick-ass inspirational & ‘down the rabbit hole’ kinda interesting!  

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Satisfying Simplicity — My Latest Article in Odyssey Magazine


Striving for happiness and success has us running around chasing that proverbial carrot dangling from a stick always, frustratingly, just out of reach. Cherie Roe Dirksen has discovered that there is a better way to extract yourself from the stresses of modern day living and it’s got everything to do with swapping doing for being. Read the full article HERE.

Satisfying Simplicity 1

Satisfying Simplicity 2

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