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3 Thrilling Remedies to Reinstate Your Motivation



This last week has literally seen me on my behind with zilch motivation to do nada (yeah, I know, double negative! Tell me about it :/).

I write from experience, that’s my thing. So, even when my mojo takes a trip to Timbuktu, I know I’m learning something new (or repeating a past mistake).

“If you’re going through a bad patch, just let it happen. Allow yourself time to regroup in the void. Things will bounce back if you expect them too.”

The problem was compounded by the blessed monthly women’s visitations. I was flat out with no energy. I’m a doer so a situation like this (doing diddly squat) is dire to me and my anal Virgo ‘go go go’ attitude.

It Pushes Back!SUBSCRIBE icon 1

I pushed against the energy and got up to do things but just felt progressively worse, worser and worsest (don’t you just love bad grammar?) still when I got all emotional about stubbing a toe or crying over an ant biting me (literally happened — the bite and the tears over it!).

After declaring war on all ants (or at least the soldiers in my patch of land), I cajoled myself to just relax. I let the anxiety of all I had to do just dissipate.

Easier said than done.

I was up and at it again in no time.

Again, the energy pushed back until my hubby said, ‘Oh for pity sake! You clearly need some down time!’

Got There in the End

He was right. I totally surrendered and gave myself permission to do absolutely nothing.

So what reinstated my motivation?

  • Gifting myself with the much-needed down-time. My world (as I’m sure you can relate) can get frantic with ‘to-do’s’ and I get lost and then anxiety sets in. However, it’s really easy to just take an hour or two (or if you’re lucky enough, a day or two) to realign with your soul. Most of the stuff we think needs to be done now just isn’t worth your sanity.
  • Meditating on my life. My fuzzy thoughts needed some direction for this new year. I wrote down my goals so that they’d cleared out of my head and sat in permanent ink for revisitation at any time.
  • Total isolation. Literally. I would go into a room, close the door and curtains and reflect. So many weird little things would come to me in that space like: Read more, meditate more, schedule your time better, put that damn time-guzzling iPhone down, you zombie (when I’m on my device for longer than 20 minutes I can actually feel the petrification take place)!

After doing this for 48 hours, I got my moxy back.

Mastering the Funk

I was having some real nasty post Mercury Retrograde gremlins with computers and devices…that all stopped too.

I’m convinced my consciousness and the hectic head-space I was in was wreaking havoc in my outer world. I was definitely only focusing on that half-empty glass and I know better than that! But it was still happening…

What’s the moral?

Patience, I guess. And to know that ‘this too shall pass’. That phrase is really helpful even if it has become a bit of a cliche (a bit of cheese is soooo good!).

Deep breaths and being mindful of staying calm are also great practices to help diffuse the monkey mind.

If you’re going through a bad patch, just let it happen. Allow yourself time to regroup in the void. Things will bounce back if you expect them too.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Switching gears may take some time (hence the down-time that’s needed) but if you know that the gear can be changed, you’re half way there!

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