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Okay, so I’m this blonde African artist, muso (bass guitarist for Templeton Universe) and self-help writer/columnist (for CLN and Odyssey mag) from the Karoo, South Africa (yeah, that country where lions and zebras prowl the streets at night) with a burning passion for all things creative, kick-ass inspirational & ‘down the rabbit hole’ kinda interesting!  

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Big Announcement: I’m the New News Reader (CLN Headlines) for Big Indie Giant Radio


Cherie CLN

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ll be reading highlighted news headlines taken weekly from Conscious Life News on Big Indie Giant radio!

Conscious Life News was recently taken down from Facebook with no valid explanation — they had over 1 million fans so I guess they were too big of a threat with their integrous reporting.

Facebook has been censoring and taking down many facebook business pages in an outright infringement of our right to discern information and ‘alternative’ (meaning not what the mainstream media wants you to see) world news.

You can catch the news bulletin at 6am, 1pm and 7pm CAT every day with new content updates every Friday on Big Indie Giant (click here and don’t forget to bookmark!).

Authentic Content, Great Music (No Conveyer Belt Mainstream Music)!

BIGI’m also reading out a few select inspirational articles on B.I.G. radio so please mosey on by to the station and stay tuned in (100% FREE – all you need is an internet connection).

There is an absolutely amazing amount of talented musicians from all over the globe being played on B.I.G. and they are all — unbelievably — unsigned!!!

You’ve got to hear it to believe it! Support these indie unsigned artists by tuning into B.I.G.


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