Where Did I Come From? Where Am I Now?

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I was born in a little seaside village called Fish Hoek (Cape Town, South Africa).  I am now living out in the Karoo countryside (in a quaint, insane and artsy town called Barrydale) with my delicious husband and furry feline children.


I’m surrounded by mountains, stark karoo landscapes, trails, hot water springs, cold mountain pools, the most quirky (and definitely creative and crazy — hence why I fit right in) people and a plethora of inspiration.

So, who can’t resist painting, composing and writing amidst such a vast and ripe setting?

Where Did the First Book Come From?

My journey of writing emerged in 2010 (you can read more about that HERE) but prior to that I was a full-time artist.

But even that was a hard-earned status.  I have been through so many jobs searching for the ‘right’ one.  The truth is, I was never destined to work for anyone — that just sucks.

Many Jobs, Many Masters

I have  worked as a waitress, shop assistant, gallery consultant, secretary, receptionist, bookkeeper, restaurant manager, sandwich maker, care-giver, nanny, freelance illustrator, housekeeper, house-cleaner (yep, I have cleaned other people’s toilets!), framing consultant, advert/movie extra, baby-sitter, musician and carpet cleaners assistant for a day.

Phew! What a higgledy-piggledy resume.

Art Emerges to Take the Lead

Art Portfolio

My humble beginnings of art started when I was working in the UK as a nanny/housekeeper.  The girls I looked after all went to school, so I had all that time to twiddle my thumbs — not!

I was going stir-crazy and wanted to do something fun.  I took up art at school, and if I do say so myself, was always pretty good at it.  So, I decided to whittle that time away by painting.  I then got cocky and thought that my art was quite good, so I began to sell it online.  They were selling!

When my internal ‘missing home’ clock went off and I returned to Cape Town, after a 3 year period in England, I decided that I was going to paint full-time and the rest was history.

What is the Meaning of Life?

Now, in among the artistic expression burned a drive, a burning-under-my-bum sensation (no, not piles).  I have always questioned religion and spiritual philosophies and used to bury myself in a mountain of books trying to find answers.  One day, and about 100 books later, I decided to bite the bullet in 2010 and write my first book on the subject —  my version of spirituality in a nutshell.  I kind of just leaped in at the deep end — no writing courses — guns blazing!  I felt like a duck to water.

My Website is Born

I setup this website in September 2011 and started guest writing for various blogs such as Purpose Fairy, Positively Positive, Lightworkers World, Creativity Portal, New Earth Daily, Collective Evolution and Conscious Life News.

I was also invited by Silke Erasmus, in 2016, to join the likes of Paulo Coehlo and become a columnist for South Africa’s no.1 Holistic Digimag, Odyssey. I was with them for 2 years until the magazine changed hands in late 2018.

How Do You Begin?

The key to getting on track with where you want to be is to take that first step, even if it is a baby step.  You can start working on visualizing what it is you want and when you have that in sight, it is easier to start plotting a do-able course of action (and still have a day job).

That way you are always working towards your goal and you don’t have an overwhelming feeling of ‘do or die’.  The task at hand may seem insurmountable but taking it one day and one step at a time will eventually get you there.

When I think back to all the jobs I’ve had, it feels like it took me ages to finally express myself through the art and writing.  But, in hindsight, they all led me to where I am today.
You just need to take the plunge and believe in yourself.

7 thoughts on “Origins

  1. Hi Cherie …I loveeeeed your poem Ignite Your Creative Flame…its so creative that i certainly feel im on par with your ideology of creation; as keats states : Anything that is creative should create itself.


  2. Thanks Cherie – I so WISH that Neale Donald Walsch etc was commonplace here…Anyway it is great for me to know that there are like minded people like you and others out there! I am no longer alone =D


  3. Well, Cherie, reading this is like reading about myself… I mean jobs, art, music and the reading/researching; stuff half-written and my own faith (don’t like the word ‘religion’… Do you like Neale Donald Walsch ‘Conversations with God’ etc? Anyway, onwards and upwards. I love your writings. Have a look at my art if you get time. Meanwhile, lots of love from Edinburgh. Come back to the UK please!


    • Hi Linda…you too, eh? What a bumpy roller-coaster it has been! I do like Neale Donald Walsch and read the Conversations with God series a few years back. Very interesting back then, but now just seems common place to have these ‘dialogues’ with ‘God’ 🙂 I am going to go check out your art now. I have such fond memories of Edinburgh, such a lovely place and such friendly people. xxx


    • (o”o) = tentative de slemiy qui rougit puissance 10…Roh la la… Moi qui venait pour essayer de retrouver la page ou je m’etais arretee hier…Je suis tres touchee par ce gentil message !Merci merci merci !!


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