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Do You Need to Call a ‘Time-Out’ For Yourself? 7 Things You Need to Be Aware Of….

The Swing by Cherie Roe Dirksen

“Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt.”
Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching

We live at a break-neck, fast-paced, mind-reeling, brain-fogging speed — where everything was supposed to be done yesterday!

Sound familiar to you?

Coping in this age is quite a balancing act — one needs to be a trapeze artist just to see yourself through the day.

Blow-Outs and Tears!

I found myself burnt-out and close to the edge of insanity last week, where just about anything was triggering my tears, anxieties and frustrations. After I had bawled my eyes out and taken myself to the point of exhaustion, I began to reflect.

  • Why had I not noticed the signs of my burn-out?
  • What could I have done for myself to prevent this?

There was no simple, blanket answer but there was one thing I knew for sure — I simply wasn’t taking care of myself.

I was giving myself no time for meditation, reflection, sitting in my garden or any kind of ‘zenning’ out whatsoever. It was just go, go, go…

Universal Signs and Course Alterations

When we are spinning off our axis, the Universe usually grounds us somehow in an attempt to make us stop, drop and reflect (take a knee!). Sometimes it comes as a severe blow (emotionally or physically), illness, headaches, accidents or nervous breakdowns.

So, if you wanted to make a perfect recipe for disaster, try these steps (or maybe you’ll opt for their counterpart):

  • Don’t make time for yourself — or maybe try pampering yourself every day with a long, hot soak in the tub or an hour of reading on the sofa. Sometimes (and especially if we have families that keep us on our toes) we need some ‘alone’ time — just a bit of space to call our own for an hour or so. Try ask a partner or friend to help out if you need a little time-out.
  • Don’t go outdoors, just keep on sitting behind that desk/computer screen — or perhaps go for a half hour walk in the park or sit on the beach listening to the waves crash. Even if you just sit in your garden — get some good ‘ol Earth therapy. Listen to the birds singing or the wind blowing. Walk bare-feet on the grass.
  • Don’t listen to your innate — or perhaps pay attention to your gut feeling. What is it that you feel you should be doing in this moment? If it stresses you out to think of doing it because you don’t have time — be honest with yourself: Do you truthfully not have time — not even 10 minutes? Or can you spare a little time for yourself in order to save a meltdown moment?
  • Don’t take time to organize your day — or think about prioritizing your schedule first thing over your morning cuppa so you have a game-plan for the rest of the day. This can make you feel organized and in control which can greatly reduce stress.
  • Don’t cut yourself any slack — or what about accepting that you can’t be or do everything today? Let a roll-over happen if it must. Assess what you can do tomorrow instead of stressing yourself out to finish now. Sometimes we set unattainable goals for ourselves and then sweat bullets trying to carry out our own orders. If it’s other peoples orders that are driving you to drink — see if you can call a meeting to discuss reality (as in what is fairly and reasonably achievable in a given time).
  • Don’t talk about your problems to others — or swallow your pride and seek out a kind and attentive ear of a friend, family member or colleague. Sometimes we just need someone to listen without giving advice. When we start to verbally unpack our mind clutter, it can lead us to insights to possible solutions.
  • Don’t laugh, dance or listen to music!  Any of these would mean instant alleviation of stress. So, only use these tools if you want to feel better.

Okay — I’ll confess — this blurb has been a definite personal pep talk. But,hey, if it has helped you in any way — I’m delighted! :)

And remember that old proverb…a stitch in time saves nine!

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