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Recent Posts

Celebrate This Earth Day By Playing The (God)dess Game

Earth day is celebrated on the 22nd April (this Tuesday) — events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  

The first Earth Day celebration was way back in 1970.

Having Good ‘ol Gaia Fun

The online magazine, Butterfly You, is running a self-assessment game to discover the Goddess Within You (men, please don’t feel excluded — you too can participate by embracing your yin energy and traits, get your inner hippy on!).

So be a sport and amuse yourself this Earth Day by tapping into your divine elemental traits.

Find your Fabulousity!

What type of Goddess are you? Find your fabulousity in the Earth Day Issue of the Butterfly You! Magazine. Read at http://mariamar.com/butterflyUThe issue has been designed as an inspiring, fun, self-assessment game that connects you to Earth Mother.

Find out:

  •  Are you a (God)dess of the Earth, Flowers, Waters, Earth, Fire or Air?
  •  How does your fabulousity show up in your emotions, creativity, heart, body, mind or spirituality?
  • What is the essence of your Fabulousity?
  • What do you need to watch for?
  • What is the flip side of your Fabulousity?
  • What must you do to honor your Fabulousity?

Join me and 4 other experts who embody these elements:

  • ·Anne Gudrun — Representing Flowers
  • ·Susan Schanerman — Representing Fire
  •  Cynthia Segal — Representing Sky
  • ·Maria Mar — Representing Water
  •  Cherie Roe Dirksen — Representing Earth

Enjoy the beautiful art of some of these Goddesses — who are visual artists too — and get their gifts by clicking HERE (to read the online mag).

Embracing the Planet

Everyone honours Earth Day in their own special way.  We all have a connection to Mother Earth and express that bond uniquely.

  • What will you be doing this Earth Day to show you care?  Please comment in the box below (‘Have your say…’).
  • Do you have an event on that day that you would like to share or any other information relating to Earth Day celebrations?  Please feel free to share below.


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