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What Could Tumbling Through the Void Possibly Do For Us?

Cosmic Love by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Been in a Funk Lately?

Sometimes we get stuck in a place where nothing seems to be happening. Either we lose our mojo or we try so hard but nothing seems to give back. This is the dreaded ‘void’ and it can cause quite a fluster when we seem to be trapped in it.

I’m pretty verbal about how I’m feeling and have no compunction to truly state what I’ve been going through — this usually results in me finding out I’m not the only one going through something. So, recent conversations with random friends, family and acquaintances all point towards a common experience of this void (the place where not much is happening) — it seems to be where a lot of us are hanging out of late.

Who Brought the Life Jackets?

It’s especially frustrating when we have great ideas but have no energy, no takers, no inclination, no time or no funding to implement such grand plans.

It can indeed seem that we are floating down Diarrhea Creek with no paddle.

The good news is that when we find ourselves in the void there’s probably a damn fine reason for it.

What You Waiting For?

Voids can be great times for:

  • Reflection —  do some inner work, see if there are cobwebs that need dusting on the inside.
  • Reattunement — should you be singing to a different tune, is it time to start anew altogether?
  • Recalibrating — adjusting, checking and realigning your objectives.

If you’ve got all these ducks in a row and you’ve even taken action to see new prospects come to fruition and still nothing is happening — be a sitting duck!

What? Am I Quacking Up?

What I mean is to be still and at peace in the void — don’t strain against it, wish you weren’t in it or panic for fear of never getting out of it.

The void can also be interpreted as the place of creation — the ultimate matrix or womb. Watch for synchronicities and opportunities — be fully aware of what you want to see happen and how the universe tries to make it possible.

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Subscribe IconI was watching a lecture by Gregg Braden and he said that when we can be in this space without judgment or fear, we allow an opening for spirit (who doesn’t want to see you void of anything) to fill our void in the best way possible. When we try to fill the void in our angst, we can further delay the true path of our soul.

So, have patience if you find yourself in the void and trust that you will soon be guided to your higher calling.

Original article written by Cherie Roe Dirksen for Conscious Life News

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