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The Importance of Being Earnest

Sisters of Joy by Cherie Roe Dirksen

What a drab word — ‘earnest’ — but hang on a minute…is it really?

When one hears the word ‘earnest’ it conjures feelings of great seriousness — being diligent, sincere and fervent.  Stiff upper lip old chap!

Take a Walk on the Wilde Side!

Now let’s look at the funky and ferocious side of this delectable word — it also means:

  • wholehearted
  • passionate
  • purposeful
  • zealous
  • enthusiastic

Not such a lackluster word, eh?  In fact, it’s a word we should live up to every day.

Now, I’m no idiot — not everyone falls out of bed as perky as a Pyrenees.  So how does one evoke such earnest behavior?

Give Your Thumbs a Break

By switching off that iPad, turning off the smartphone, unplugging the television and getting that butt out the door, you could pave the way to more earnest characteristics!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet — that old information highway, social networking delight — but you’ve got to have balance or you’re going to stagnate.

Trouble is, inertia can slowly creep in without you even noticing it until you’re the opposite of earnest — apathetic…trivial…dare I say, frigid? *Shudder*

But wait — there is hope…

Where New Ideas Form

Go experience the great outdoors, meet new and diverse people — old and young alike.  Everyone has a story to tell, motivation to give, wisdom to impart, knowledge to share and enthusiasm to spread and when these types of people get together A-bombs go off (well, not literally…but you get the drift)!

Since my move to the country, I have met the most interesting people from 16 year olds to 80 year olds — I love ’em all and would hang out with them in a heartbeat. Every one of them has a rich blend of reality to weave and fresh ideas to bring to the global table.

Make time to hang out with your friends (you know — the real flesh and blood ones).  There’s nothing more exhilarating than hanging out with your tribe.  Don’t have a tribe?  Go find them!  And they’re not usually the ones hanging out in bars either (although it’s not unheard of).

Mingle and get to know your community — you’ll be surprised where your tribe is actually hiding out.

Kick Bunbury to the Curb

In earnest eagerness to exit this essay, I want you to stop bunburying — yes, you read right!  ‘Bunburying’ — a legitimate English word coined by Oscar Wilde in his book ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ (after Bunbury, the fictitious invalid friend of Algernon whose supposed illness is used as an excuse to avoid social engagements) and a word I’m going to throw around a lot more in polite conversation.

Get out there and socially engage with Wilde enthusiasm.  I encourage you — my dear readers — to make merry, emblazon your passions, engage in zealous pursuits, live wholeheartedly, sow your seeds of vim and vigor and entice people to do the same with your ardent fervor!

Let’s hope it’s catchy — you might start a wave of industriously, impassioned and potently purposeful living!

And I say all this to you in earnest whilst closing my Oxford dictionary.

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