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Be Amazing — Always Be Creative!

Creativity Quote 2 by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Only Artists Are Creative…Uh, Not!

Everyone has a special brand of creativity — yes, I’m talking to you!

You might not think of yourself as particularly creative — perhaps you think creativity only has to do with the arts?

Not at all.

People who are creative can take anything and turn it into something beautiful.

  • You can be a gardener, creating a masterpiece in your rockery.
  • You can be a street sweeper who dances like Fred Astaire with his broom.
  • You can be a carpenter who injects perfection, pride and passion into furnishings
  • You can be cleaning out public lavatories whilst singing ‘Tosca’.
  • You could be a teacher delighting his students with theatrical renditions of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’…and the list could go on — you get the picture, right?

Creativity is usually equated with joy — the biggest blessing is in the fact that you can, at any time, be saturating this globe in happiness and bringing smiles to weary faces.

You don’t even have to stop at your ‘trade’ or hobby…if you’ve got a dull job at the moment, why not infuse it with piquancy? Give it the edge.

Why not dress the part? Dazzle the world with your flamboyant fashion fetish.  Or how about showing your creativity in how you interact with your colleagues or clients — your personality can be a brand of pizzazz, you know?

In short, be amazing!  Show your true colours and see how it brightens up the space you occupy.  Dare to show your inner creative and stroke the inner passions of those around you to do the same.

Being Afraid

All too often we are afraid to reveal who we truly are, what our passions may be and what a pity that is (especially for the rest of us).

Everyone is unique and has something of value to contribute to this world and the excitement is finding out what and then going  for it guns blazing!


The Payoff

And saving the best for last, naturally — your payoff is going to be:

  • A less stressy you — we tend to burnout when we are not being true to ourselves.  Getting creative will relieve you of this burden and introduce you to a much more exciting existence.
  • More Personal Fulfillment — The feeling of bringing something beautiful into this world is incalculable, and you feel that sense of achievement and liveliness that creation brings with it — bliss!
  • Time for Inner Reflection — getting creative gives you the time to do a bit of introspection. You can realign yourself with your goals and keep in touch with the core of your self — something most people fudge over as unimportant.
  • Pure Unadulterated Enjoyment — When you tickle the inner child that bursts to express whole-hearted happiness and ingenuity, you will find that the tasks you do that invoke such inventiveness also bring elation. Connecting with your creativity will connect you with your joy.

What is it that you do to express your creative flare? I’d love to hear all about it in the comment box below.

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