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Why (Hu)gh Jackman Has Got Nothing to Do With This

Frodo by Cherie Roe Dirksen The Remedy for Everything at the Tip of Your Tongue

I want to share an ancient mantra/prayer with you and it is simply to sound out the word HU (pronounced like Hugh or hue). It is used to harmonize and retune the very atoms of your body.

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The HU has been used by various different cultures over thousands of years.  It is a way to align with God or Source.

HU is actually an ancient name for God and is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit word ‘HU’.

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks also referred to the word HU as a reference to God.  It is interesting to note that we are HUmans — God in the form of (wo)man.

Many different religions, such as Sufism and the Kabbalah, talk about the HU as the original sound of the universe.

Using HU Now

When you sound out the mantra HU (you can also do it silently in the mind but I prefer to chant it out loud) you are aligning with source.  I feel, it gives off an immense sense of personal power.

The first time I ever heard of it was on an Art Bell show — I, unfortunately, don’t remember the guests but it was a couple (it could indeed have been this couple: http://www.divinedecisionmaking.com/Just_Say_HU_Technique.html).

I tried it immediately and I now do it every evening before bed. I remember them saying that it sealed off your aura.  So, if during the day, you had any breaks, bleeds or leaks in your auric field, the HU makes sure they’re healed.

I do it by:

  1. Taking a deep breath and then
  2. Letting out a long HUUUUUUU until all the air is out of my lungs
  3. I then repeat this 3 times (you can do it as many times as you like).
  4. Make sure you do this as a daily practice for optimum results.

When I first started this practice, my husband would always finish off my chant with a ‘Grant’ or ‘Laurie’ or ‘Jackman’ — the joker he is! :D

Reasons to start HU-ing today:

  • Relieves anxiety, fear, tension and depression
  • Induces joy, love and serenity
  • Wards of psychic or negative emotional attacks
  • Tunes you in to your higher ‘God-self’ vibration

HU today, (negativity) gone tomorrow!

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