Natures Essence Painting Description

Natural Beauty by Cherie Dirksen Original Painting

Title: Nature’s Essence 

Medium:  Acrylic on  Canvas 

Artist:  Cherie Roe Dirksen     

Size: 760mm x 510mm 

Price:  US$400.00


This painting is a celebration of beauty found in nature and the human form.  It is a mixture of the senses and elements.

Her dress symbolizes water and fluidity and she also symbolizes sensuousness and touch.  She is quite fiery and her hair is a moving representation of flames licking in the breeze.  The feather also denotes touch.  The flowers depict smell and the tree’s in the background are symbols of air/ether as they produce oxygen, they also represent the earth as they are firmly rooted to the ground.

Should you have any further inquiries regarding this painting, please contact me via the form below:

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