The Vege-Tate Gallery

I began growing my own vegetable garden in the last few months of 2011.  In the process, I came up with the idea for a ‘Vege-Tate Gallery’.

My husband and I would be working vigorously in the garden when suddenly, one of us would start laughing because we’d come up with another fruity joke.  I just had to develop this line.

Unfortunately, our attempts at a sustainable garden in our back yard were seriously thwarted, not only by the local baboons, but also by every kind of worm and creepy-crawly under the African sun!  But at least we had a good laugh along the way…

Here are some of the ideas that grew out of the vegetable garden…

T-Shirt Designs available through RedBubble (just click on the design you like to take you to the store):

I have another store, at Zazzle, dedicated to these amorous fruit and vegetables, where you can find a host of products such as key-chains, aprons, mugs, iPhone skins, magnets, cards, mouse-pads, bags and a whole lot more…ENTER STORE HERE

Nice Pear! aprons String Bean pet clothing  Lettuce Pick Up Lines mugs If Onions were Women keychains

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