Reusable Art for a Dollar!

Poppy Art Greeting Cards by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Yup, you read right.  In an initiative to keep my site alive (and to raise $120 for my annual site fee) I have come up with an offer you can’t miss out on!

What You ALWAYS Need

Everyone needs greeting cards — how many birthdays, celebrations and occasions do you have coming up?  I bet at least a couple in the foreseeable future.

So, for just $1 (easily purchased through PayPal with instant delivery) I am offering you 4 custom designed greeting cards (blank for you to fill in your own message) in a ready-to-print template (PDF).

All you’ve got to do each time you need a card is pop some paper in your printer and hit the print button!

Never Ending Supply

You can reuse these templates over and over again.  And, yes, all I ask is for $1 to go towards my yearly renewal fee for the site so I can keep on offering my free downloads and weekly blogs.

Want yours now?  Great…just click the button below:

Papal button

You will be redirected after checkout to my site where you’ll get a download link, if you don’t receive the link to your cards after you’ve completed the checkout, please e-mail me at and I’ll personally see to it that you get them.

6 thoughts on “Reusable Art for a Dollar!

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  5. Nice!! Good idea, Hope you exceed your target!

    Hows it going over there? How are the boundaries coming along? Just about time for another catch up I reckon. Stuffs moving at the speed of sound.

    Lots of love from the Deep south. xxxx

    Tracy Russell 082 827 8477 021 7851086 Skype: tracy4soulworks

    Journeying beyond fearŠ into the Wild Heart


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