Your Chance to Own an Original of Your Choosing

red poppy commission

(Above: Red Poppy Triptych Painting Commission)

Ever Wanted a Special Painting?

With the publishing of my 2 books over the last few years, I haven’t had much time to consider commissions but I’m now aching to take on some of the larger requests I’ve had over the years.

You’ll find my pricelist at the end of the blog but for now, come take a look at some of the commissions I have done over the years for my clients:

Fisher Painting Commission.jpg

Griers Painting

is a representation of my clients family on one of my Red Hill paintings (his wife and himself and their 3 lovely daughters). Click on the picture to view 🙂


Pic 5.JPG

Above is ‘Garfield’. I don’t normally do portraits because people have different ideas of what they look like (just like most people don’t like how they look in photographs, most people don’t like their own portraits either – in my experience). However, I made an exception with this commission because my clients daughter is kissing the top of her cat’s head. This is Garfield the cat, who sadly passed away. This painting was to remember him by.

 pink poppies framed(Above:  Pink Poppy Commission — client kindly sent me a picture of the painting framed)

soulworks commission

(Above:  Soulworks Practice Triptych Commission)

cherie with lilies - size orientation(Above:  Arum Lily Commission and a very wind-swept artist)

night sky commission

(Above:  ‘Dreamers Night Sky’ Commission)

So, Let’s Get Down to Business!

  • Have you ever wanted art on a large scale, something truly outstanding and uniquely tailored for you?
  • Have you always wanted to live with the art you love — breast swelling at the acquisition of something original gracing your wall?
  • Have you given up on the idea cause you thought it was just too unaffordable?  Well, then…

Hooray!  I’ve formulated a price list for 2014/2015 below.

  • All prices include courier (to most parts of the globe — USA, UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, etc).
  • The prices quoted are for standard acrylic on loose canvas (canvas will come rolled due to safety reasons whilst in transit).
  • Commissions are strictly undertaken if they fit the parameters of my style (unfortunately no portraits).  Don’t know my style?  CLICK HERE to visit my portfolio.

Commission a painting

I hope to be starting your painting soon.  Drop me an e-mail at icon

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