Subliminal Acrylic Pours That Lead to Strangely Insightful Art and Poetry

I started experimenting with acrylic pours (just putting a whole lot of different colours into a bottle and letting it loose on the canvas) when I was painting for my solo exhibition ’42’. You can get the FREE booklet for my exhibition HERE.

After I do the pour, I extract objects/faces/weird things out of the shapes in the paint. The painting I’d like to introduce you today to is called ‘The Trickster’.

There is a lot going on in this painting and I accompanied it with a poem rather than a description as I’d like to point you to what I see and feel in the artwork but I’d like you to also use your imagination and use your own interpretations. Please feel free to let me know what you see and how you feel about the painting.

The poem is under the painting below…

The original is still available HERE for $295 (international shipping included).

The Trickster - 40cm x 40cm x 2.5cm

The Trickster Description

You can view all my available paintings at Saatchi Art by CLICKING HERE.

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