Daily Banner Change Competition

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED (see below for winner)

A recap of how this competition will work:

Each day, starting from Monday, the 13th August 2012, there will be 2 letters hidden in the banner. After the 5th day, you will have a jumbled mix of the 10 letters that will spell out the new theme of the website. But to add to the mystery and supply you with a few hints, each day the banner will change slightly.

Below will be the daily banner change updates with the hidden 2 words in each of them.  This competition will start on Monday, 13th August 2012 and end on Friday, 17th August 2012.  Winner will be announced as soon as there is one!

Figure out the 10 letter word that best describes the new theme to my site and inbox me the answer.  The first person to inbox me with the correct answer will be sent a copy of my book ‘Divine You — Redefining Love in the New Earth’.

Check in here at the beginning of each new day to see the previous days banner (change will occur at approximately GMT 10h00 every day).

Day 1 Banner:

Day 2 Banner:

Day 3 Banner:

Day 4 Banner:

Day 5 Banner:

Well, that’s the lot then!  First person to e-mail me the 10 letter work describing the theme of my new look website will be the winner of a copy of ‘Divine You — Redefining Love in the New Earth’.  Tomorrow the new site banner will be unveiled.

Good luck!



12 thoughts on “Daily Banner Change Competition

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    1. Love the bucket. I have one like this for my grdean tools. And one like of like this for my scrapbooking stuff. Guess I need to add one more for my wood working shop. Never have to many organizing buckets. LOLSharon


  1. Kyu ki Ravan ko Bramha ji ka vardan tha ki meri mritu manav or vanoran ke hi hatho se ho aur koi bhi mughe parast na kar ske is karan ravan bhagvan vishnu ke us sudarshan chakra se bhi nahi mara. halanki bhagvan vishnu ji bhi ravan ko mar sakte the parantu we bramha ke vardan ko ghoota nahi karna chate the. so is karan bhagwan ke chakra ne use bhagwan ki hi iccha se nhi mara aur phir bhagwan ne manav ka rup Shree Ram ji ke avtar me aae aur manav ke rup me bhagwan ne use bina chakra ke hi mar dala.


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