Trick or Treat? Affirmative Action, Shooting Cats & Free Stuff…

Purdita’s Modelling Career

I have been working on, with permission from Purdy (my cat and model), some Halloween Designs for my store.  Bless the little furry black monster for doing such a cracking job on her poses for this photo shoot (you can see her in my banner above and also during the site-switch over HERE).

She has agreed that lazing about all day on the sofa does not help to pay the bills.  In order for the tuna to keep rolling in, she has decided to take some affirmative action and allowed me to shoot her (with a camera, that is).

Her notoriety will span generations, I’m sure.  Today’s ‘giveaway’ is going to be about All Hallows’ Day.

To start you off with, below are some free e-cards you can download (right-click and ‘save as’):


Origins of Halloween

Let’s dive into a bit of history and interesting facts about this eerie holiday.  The word Halloween was first used in the 16th century and is a variant of All-Hallows’-Even or ‘eve’, that is, the night before All Hallows’ Day.  However, the phrase All Hallows’ is Old English (ealra hālgena mæssedæg, mass-day of all saints).

The Halloween holiday is commonly thought to have pagan roots, even though the etymology of the word is Christian.

Historian Nicholas Rogers, says it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain, derived from the Old Irish Samuin meaning “summer’s end”.

Right, so the cat is out of the bag!

Bloody Horrific Deals

Now that you know what you are celebrating, here are a few ideas for this Halloween at Spiral Designs (most of the proceeds of these sales will go to the PTF — Purdys Tuna Fund — as per our ‘little’ modelling exchange agreement).

I’ve got everything from postage stamps, invitations, trick or treat bags and serving plates to candy jars, tees, caps and neck-ties — something for everyone!  

Check it out:


    Trick or Treat Halloween Witches Cat Vest T-shirt   



Lastly, here is a free Halloween wallpaper download for your desktop/mini-poster printout (right click and ‘save as’):

These are for your personal use only (ie. no selling them, please).

Have a fun weekend!

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