Are You Prepared For Christmas? With Up To 75% Off, You Will Be!

14Yeah, Christmas is creeping up on us yet again! I don’t know about you, but I’m just not organized for this years festivities (what’s new?).

If you’ve got all your ducks in a row, I take my hat off to you! Well done.

If you’re like me and haven’t got a clue…maybe I can help a little.

I’ve been whipping about my stores trying to put together a 2015 catalogue and thought I’d better hurry seeing that there is a whopping 75% off all Christmas cards and 20% off other items now until Thursday!

You also get 20% off select items at Redbubble but that’s for today only.

So without further ado…let’s spring into action with a little ho ho ho and a sprig of mistletoe:

CARDS (75% Off Until 10 Dec. 2015 – use code: GETYOURCARDS at the checkout)

designall22  9

  • When you are at my Zazzle store, use the code: GETYOURCARDS at the checkout to redeem your discount (offers at Zazzle valid until 23h59 PT, 10th December 2015).
  • When you are at my RedBubble store, use the code: TICTOC at the checkout to get your discount (offers at Redbubble valid until 23h59 PT tonight).

GIFTS FOR HER (20% Off Until 8 Dec. 2015)




4 3

















GIFTS FOR HIM (20% Off Until 8 Dec. 2015)


t 4

music bag





















STOCKING FILLERS (20% Off Until 8 Dec. 2015)















bag 2







If you’re still stumped for great gift ideas, you may reel with excitement at this new and innovative present-ation! READ HERE: The Most Insanely Creative Gifts You Can Give Anyone! And Saves on Therapy Bills Too…


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T&C apply to special offers – see the relevant site (Zazzle/RedBubble) for more details.

60% Price Slash Off Art Prints and Canvas Prints! Ends 21/11/2013

Cats EyeI’m SO excited about this sale — the prices on my art prints and canvas prints are mad! And all in perfect time for you to get outrageously awesome, quality gifts for those loved ones at Christmas without them ever knowing that your wallet was never made to suffer!

All you have to do is use the code ‘HOLIDAYCOUNT’ at the checkout.

For example:  Take a look to your right — my ‘Cat’s Eyes’ Poster is going for a ridiculous $6.00 (normal price $15.00 — click on the picture to take you to the store)!

And there’s so many more amazing deals (zebra’s, landscapes, abstracts, flowers, inspirational posters — all less 60%) but first, I want to introduce you to something new…

Art Nouveau and You’re the First to Know!

I have also, finally (this idea has been kicking around the grey matter for ages now), materialized a new project and it’s just in time to coincide with this major price slash.  It’s my new store exclusively showcasing my poppy art called ‘The Poppy Block’.  This store will be purely for the poppy connoisseur and all prints are standardized to 12″ x 12″ x 1.5″ on Wrap Canvas.

Usually these designs retail at an already inexpensive $99.90 but until Thursday (21/11/2013) they are going for an incredible $39.96!

I only have 4 designs at the moment but it is a work in progress.  Here are the available canvas prints so far (click on the picture to take you directly to the store):

Butterfly Poppy

Red Poppy Block

Pink PoppySo that’s the extent of my Poppy Block boutique but now come take a look at some examples of other unbelievable savings (click on the pictures to take you to the store):

‘A New Vision’ Poster (24″ x 20″) was $31.05 now only $12.45!  More amazing deals will follow…just keep that index finger scrolling:

New Vision

Zebra Poster


Sitting under a Tree

Red Hibiscus

Musical Mural

Mysterious Unknown

Orion in my Sky

Zebra Eye

These are just a taste of what I have in my store — to view the full collection click on the picture below (please note that the prices you will initially see, when you click the picture below, are not yet discounted — when you click on a specific picture, your 60% discount will be calculated.  Use code ‘HOLIDAYCOUNT’ at checkout):

Print Store

Inspiring Thoughts Make Inspired Gifts

And just when you thought your heart couldn’t take anymore — I’ve also got a few inspirational posters less 60% (click on picture below to take you to the store.  Again, please note that the prices you will see when you click the picture below have not yet been discounted — as soon as you click on the poster of your choice your 60% discount will be calculated):

Inspiring Posters

Thanks for looking!  If there is any artwork of mine that you don’t see at my store and would like to get at a discount price — drop me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do, but hurry, this sale ends on Thursday 21.11.2013!

Don’t forget to use the code ‘HOLIDAYCOUNT’ at the checkout.

Oh yes and just a reminder to make use of my selection of FREE e-cards (click picture below and please feel free to share with your friends)!

Free ecards

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Do You Own White Bare Walls? Spice Them Up Today with Affordable Style!

3 Visually Stimulating 2014 Calendars

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

With Christmas just around the corner and a mental block of what to get certain people as a gift — why not resort to a high quality calendar with 12 art prints for use after the year is over?

I have just brought out my brand new 2014 calendar range as follows (click on the picture to go to the store and to preview all 12 months):

Calendars are a fun, decorative and useful way to remember all those important dates.

I like to assure you that you are buying quality — below is a list of my calendars specs for your perusal: 

  • Tough wire binding and hanger
  • Stunningly sharp digital printing
  • 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover
  • Page dimensions:  A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7” x 16.5”)

Show Off Your Own Creative Genius this Festive Season!

Okay, say you’re not taken with any of these calendars and my art is just not up your alley — I understand — but how about exercising your very own creative muscles by producing a masterpiece calendar?

Heave out those doodles, creative pursuits and photographic moments of sheer perfection from the last year and flaunt them to your family, colleagues and friends.

It’s really not that difficult, actually, it’s easy as mince pie!

You can create your own calendar by CLICKING HERE.

For more gift ideas this Christmas, please CLICK HERE.

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Do You Own White Bare Walls? Spice Them Up Today with Affordable Style!

60% Price Slash Off Art Prints and Canvas Prints! Ends 21/11/2013

Do You Own White Bare Walls? Spice Them Up Today with Affordable Style!

Do You Need to Decorate?

Ever wanted to splash some colour on the walls of your office or home?  Why not add wonder to your life with some jazzy, colorful and arty posters?

They’re affordable and there are dozens to choose from!

There’s never been a better time than right now.

Are You Doing a Sentence in a Cell Block?

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for to take charge of your space and treat yourself to a visual feast instead of a prison cell!

How many times have you caught yourself thinking, ‘I need to do something about my home decor?‘, ‘These walls aren’t inspiring me‘ or ‘I wish I could look up at some decent art to get me motivated.’

Transport Yourself Somewhere Amazing in a Flash!

Add spice to those drab white walls with this tantalizing collection of art prints below that will tickle your decorating genie into action and get that imagination roaring into creative gear:







Now if you’re the kind of person who wants an original and relishes the opportunity to invest in art and enjoy their asset every day, then come browse my original art for sale at the SAATCHI gallery HERE (there is also an option to buy a print on stretched canvas for those who want something better than a poster but can’t afford an original):



icon for site


Zebra Fever — Jazzing Up Your Walls With Stripes!

Zebra - Close up lr

Seeing Stripes!

We all have those irritating empty spaces on our walls that just needs a little something to  spice it up and add flavor to the room.

Art is a great way to bring a home back to life, to add sparkle to the work place or inject pizzazz into a reception area.  First impressions last, after all.

All Originals Have Flown the Coop But Prints are On Hand

Although all the originals have been sold, these pictures are all available as posters at affordable prices (just click on image to take you to my store).

Here are some appetite whetters for you to peruse.


And here are some other arty suggestions you may like:




Thanks for looking!

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Make Your Own Calendar — Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to share a really nice idea with you.  A really special and unique gift for a family member, friend or even a colleague would be to put together your own personal calendar for 2013.

You can click on the picture to get started now!  They are quick and easy to make and Zazzle ships worldwide:

custom calendars picture

Free ecards from my Calendars

If you don’t have the time or inclination, I have put together 2 unique calendars of my art — one focusing primarily on landscape art and the other on poppy art.

You will also find, below the calendars, your 2 free ecards for this week (click on the picture, then right-click and ‘save as’, then upload to your e-mail anytime you want to use them), inspired from the art I chose for the calendars…



Happy Friday!

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The Zen of Christmas

Keep it Simple

As you are all probably well-aware of, Christmas has become the most over commercialized holiday on record.

Where are those Christmas Day’s that saw us making presents for each other, or simply buying one token of appreciation for that special someone instead of amassing them with a dozen gifts whilst maxing out your credit card?

It all seems a bit over-the-top to me.  Christmas has gone haywire!  We overspend, over-consume and over-indulge.

A Change for the Better

In an attempt to rekindle the spark of this festive season, my family and I have decided to get together for a celebratory meal, to exchange gifts that are either home-made or to stick to a budget of no more than around $8.00 (or a really nice idea is to donate to a cause close to their heart, in their name).

The focus is going to be on having fun, counting our blessings and having the honour and privilege of being together.

Bring the Sparkle Back with Simplicity

Let’s try to bring back the magic to Christmas by making things simple.

  • Prepare a simple meal (you know what I mean — most people go way over the top and end up cooking for a small army).
  • Make, or even better, bake your gifts!  There’s nothing that says you care more than a gift from the heart (especially a tasty one!).
  • Simply be kind to everyone you meet (you should try to make this an everyday practice and not just a seasonal tradition — but to start at Christmas-time would be a giant leap in the right direction).
  • Instead of hyping yourself up with all the preparations and festive manic fiasco’s, do a ‘go slow’.  Maintain a calm and peaceful resolve and enjoy yourself — make it about fun and festivities, not chaos and tears.  I promise you will get more done this way.  Simplify and you will gratify.
  • Try to play it safe this season.   Limit the alcohol intake, the traveling (unless you really have to) and on pain of death — don’t combine a mixture of the two!

Free Zen e-card and Festive Timeline

Below you will find a free zen e-card that you can send your family and friends and you can jazz up your Facebook timeline with this zen-themed picture for the season.

Here is your free zen Christmas e-card (click on the picture, right-click and ‘save as’ to your computer, then upload from your computer or just simply copy and paste into the e-mail):

Here is your festive zen-themed Facebook Timeline (click on the picture, right-click and ‘save as’ to your computer, then upload from your computer onto your Facebook page as a cover):

Check out the ‘Zen of Life’ HERE

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The Zen of Life

The Zen of Life

We make life complicated.  The key to true happiness lies in our ability to simplify our lives, not to busy them.

Peel away the onion layers…find the innate within.

(To download the above quote as a desktop wallpaper, click on the picture — then right-click and ‘save as’)

I’ve come up with a Christmas card design — going with this ‘zen’ theme.  🙂  Here it is:

Have a great weekend!

Check out the ‘Zen of Christmas’ HERE

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Zen Christmas Wallpaper


Don’t You Get It?

Okay, these weeks are really rolling away fast.  I can’t keep track of time or the date anymore, it feels like we’re in a no-time bubble.  But, all blurbs aside, we have happened on that magical day of the week — yes, it’s Friday…again!  And that means that I need to cough up something useful for you good folks.

Today I am delivering on my promise and present you with another free e-card and wallpaper/poster download (see bottom of blog).  If you have missed out on all the previous weeks free downloads, — check my menu bar above;  under ‘free stuff’ you’ll find a drop-down menu.  Just select ‘free e-cards’ to browse through the steadily growing collection.

Do You Get It?

This is taken from my painting called ‘Do You Get It?’.  It is part of my private collection (because my husband refuses to let go of it and it hangs on his studio wall).  I’ve been working on a couple of designs for my Spiral Store, check them out below:

Do You Get It?  Shirts  Do You Get It? Design Galaxy Nexus Cover  Do You Get It?  Shirts

You can have a sniff about all the other stuff you can get with this design on it HERE.

Unleash Your Creative Force This Weekend

For those of you dying to get your hands mucky over the weekend and delve into some kind of creative endeavor of your own — have a squizz at my guest article which has just been published (this week) on Positively Positives site:

9 Great Reasons for Getting Creative (No Artistic Experience Needed)

Here is the e-card I created especially for you (click on the photo, then right-click and ‘save as’):

And last, but not least, here is your free wallpaper/poster download (click on the photo, then right-click and ‘save as’):

I hope you have a fun weekend!

Celebrating Planet Earth!

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is
to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone
with the heavens, nature and God.

Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and
that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple
beauty of nature. I firmly believe that nature brings solace
in all troubles.”  ~  Anne Frank

Friday is upon us yet again and that means it’s time for another ‘TGIF’ free giveaway.  Today I would like to give you 2 e-cards with a theme of natural wonder and beauty.

If you missed out on the last couple of TGIF blogs, you can catch up HERE.

The Beauty of Nature

I was creating my 2013 calendars this week — so far I have come up with a Poppy Art and Landscape Art calendar (see below).  Whilst sifting through the images, my sheer wonder for nature was rekindled.

I am in love with life on Mother Earth and everything about it, from the intricately delicate symmetry of a flower to the raging color-blast gob-smacking beauty of a sunset.

Below are todays 2 free e-cards you can download — they are a taste of what is to be found in the calendars (click on the picture then right-click and ‘save as’):


These are for your personal use only (ie. no selling them, please).

2013 Calendar Showcase

My calendars are a celebration of the sheer wonder of the natural world around us.  I have chosen themes that showcase the exquisite glory of nature and our awesome planet.

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad
with joy the whole time to have such things about us.”  ~  Iris Murdoch

If you, like me, struggle to find gifts for certain people — why not give a calendar.  And with Christmas around the corner, it wouldn’t hurt to start with that shopping list now.

Everyone needs a calendar to brighten up their work-space or home.  Don’t forget that as the months fly by, you can frame the pictures to beautify your free space with — the gift that keeps on giving.

Each month has a new picture (sometimes a duet).  To preview the calendar, just click on the pictures below.  You will be taken to the store where you can thoroughly squizz over the fine details from cover to cover and all the bits in between.

Have a great weekend!

Trick or Treat? Affirmative Action, Shooting Cats & Free Stuff…

Purdita’s Modelling Career

I have been working on, with permission from Purdy (my cat and model), some Halloween Designs for my store.  Bless the little furry black monster for doing such a cracking job on her poses for this photo shoot (you can see her in my banner above and also during the site-switch over HERE).

She has agreed that lazing about all day on the sofa does not help to pay the bills.  In order for the tuna to keep rolling in, she has decided to take some affirmative action and allowed me to shoot her (with a camera, that is).

Her notoriety will span generations, I’m sure.  Today’s ‘giveaway’ is going to be about All Hallows’ Day.

To start you off with, below are some free e-cards you can download (right-click and ‘save as’):


Origins of Halloween

Let’s dive into a bit of history and interesting facts about this eerie holiday.  The word Halloween was first used in the 16th century and is a variant of All-Hallows’-Even or ‘eve’, that is, the night before All Hallows’ Day.  However, the phrase All Hallows’ is Old English (ealra hālgena mæssedæg, mass-day of all saints).

The Halloween holiday is commonly thought to have pagan roots, even though the etymology of the word is Christian.

Historian Nicholas Rogers, says it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain, derived from the Old Irish Samuin meaning “summer’s end”.

Right, so the cat is out of the bag!

Bloody Horrific Deals

Now that you know what you are celebrating, here are a few ideas for this Halloween at Spiral Designs (most of the proceeds of these sales will go to the PTF — Purdys Tuna Fund — as per our ‘little’ modelling exchange agreement).

I’ve got everything from postage stamps, invitations, trick or treat bags and serving plates to candy jars, tees, caps and neck-ties — something for everyone!  

Check it out:


    Trick or Treat Halloween Witches Cat Vest T-shirt   



Lastly, here is a free Halloween wallpaper download for your desktop/mini-poster printout (right click and ‘save as’):

These are for your personal use only (ie. no selling them, please).

Have a fun weekend!

Friday’s Free Giveaway Blog Starts Today! What’s Up For Grabs?

Thank God It’s Friday!

I’ve decided to have a bonus blog on Fridays called my TGIF Free Giveaways!  How exciting…

I’m going to be giving away free poster downloads, wallpapers, e-cards and anything else I can muster up.  So click the ‘follow this blog’ button in the right-hand sidebar to never miss out again.  You can also subscribe HERE and receive your free motivational gift bundle and keep updated through the monthly newsletter.

Right, let’s get on with it then.  Today is a stormy and ball-freezingly cold day in Cape Town, so I needed a little ‘pick-me-up inspiration’ to get this day on the go.  I decided to  upload a new music-themed design to my SPIRAL store and wanted to share it with you.

But first…let’s start with your free e-card downloads (more free stuff at the end of this blog, so keep going!):

Instructions to download e-cards and wallpaper:

  1. Click in the picture(s) below
  2. You will be redirected to the page where the ecard is stored
  3.  Right click on the image and “save image as”


These are for your personal use only (ie. no selling them, please).

Take a 15% Discount Today Only!  

Sticking with this theme — here are some of my harmonious products using this melodic design — please let me know what you think, any suggestions or feedback would be great!


Musical Messenger Bag messenger bags  


  Musical Instruments Playing Cards playing cards

And now, last but not least, your free wallpaper download for this Friday:

Have a Frumptous Friday and a Wicked Weekend!  Over and out…