Ditch the Worry — Hakuna Matata All the Way!

Remember Timon and Pumba from the Lion King? Their favourite saying was, 'Hakuna Matata!' which means 'no worries/problems'. Be like Timon and Pumba! #worryquote #quoteoftheday #quote

The Secret Lives of Cats

When your cat surprises you by... #cat #catmemes #catquotes #batman

Get Your Smile On — Laugh Your Ass Off!!!

Smiling at strangers and laughing until you wet yourself are one of the 2 most important things you can do for a healthy life. It literally can heal you.

8 ‘Alice’ Quotes That are Profoundly Spiritual

I grew up on the Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass books and have an almost voracious appetite for Lewis Carroll's wit and insanely insatiable wisdom. I know I'm not alone in my fondness for all things rabbit-holy (pun emphatically intended!). So, let's tumble into Wonderland with some provocatively crazy quotes from Alice's adventures that... Continue Reading →

A Music Quote From Templeton Universe


A Reminder That Your Soul Mate is Always Closer Than You Think…

You can hear this song by clicking HERE. Our latest album is due for the official release at the end of the month - please help us with the production costs via our crowdfunding campaign. Even $1 will help us!!! And every pledge gets you music 🙂 Other articles you may enjoy: Do You Want... Continue Reading →

10 Hilariously True Life Quotes That’ll Make You Chuckle

Time to Take Your Life a Little Lighter "It is bad to suppress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips." - Fred Allen We could all use a laugh every now and then but we can't all carry our Monty Python DVD box set with us to work or have our funny... Continue Reading →

10 Spiritually Provocative Quotes From David Bowie — No.7 is Something We Should All Ponder!

We lost a musical genius at the beginning of 2016. Read related article: ‘The Best There Is’: World Mourns Artistic Maverick David Bowie (Plus Video Tribute) Loving the Alien My earliest memory of the legendary David Robert Jones was when my mother bought a record of his and I saw the cover (I think it was... Continue Reading →

Need a Constant Flow of Money? I’ve Got Something For You…

Get this free affirmation download and start changing the way you allow money to flow into your life!

3 Quotes on the Green-Eyed Monster That Will Change How You See Jealousy Forever!

What are your thoughts on jealousy? Other articles you may enjoy: 6 Impossible Things To Do Every Day Drop the Small Talk: Why ‘Heart Talk’ is the Future Do You Feel Worthless? 2 Reasons Why You Need to Love YOU The Most Insanely Creative Gifts You Can Give Anyone! And Saves on Therapy Bills Too…

What Unconditional Love Can Do For You

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Step Into Your Power Now With This Simple Affirmation

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Words of Wisdom From Matthew Bellamy

In homage to a great musician and pioneer of the truth — whose birthday it was yesterday (Happy Birthday, Matthew!) — here is a quote that I absolutely love from one of Muse's songs: Stay tuned — in next week's blog I'm going to dig into their latest song, 'Defector', for some galvanizing issues!  You're not going... Continue Reading →

Use Your Experiences For Creative Expansion

Creative Expression book available HERE Prints of the painting available HERE Other blogs you may enjoy: The Resurrection of Muse — Rock Art Painting no. 7 Photographs Decoding Muse (Rock Art Painting no. 7) — ‘Resurrection’ You’re Told to Follow Your Heart, But What Does That Mean and How Do You Practically Do That? 10 Easy Steps... Continue Reading →

10 Easy Steps to a New You!

New Life Resolutions With Staying Power! As we see the old year out and get ready to welcome the new year in, let's try to make our new year's resolutions ones that will stick. It's easy to make big plans for gigantic change but not so easy to stick to the program, especially as the... Continue Reading →

Get Your Mona Lisa Smile On!

Get your 'Mona' prints and paraphernalia HERE. 😀  There's prints, bags, pillows and more! Other blogs you may enjoy: 7 Genius Epiphanies to Reset Your Life to New Photographs of Painting ‘Iceland Poppy Mix’ and Art on Duvet Covers! Discover Why My Cat Can’t Get Enough of this Oil and Be Amazed at What it Can Do... Continue Reading →

7 Genius Epiphanies to Reset Your Life to

Hunting High and Low Most of us strive to gain a better grasp and understanding of life and the meaning of it all. We all know of or have heard about those magical ‘a-ha’ moments.  You know the ones — when some great profundity just clicks into place like a key sliding into a lock and opening a door to a dazzling... Continue Reading →

Why Creativity Leads to Universal Expansion

  This is a quotation from my book 'Creative Expression — How to find your inspiration' which you can download for FREE HERE...you can watch and listen to the audio-visual on YouTube HERE or you can purchase the paperback HERE. The above quote is also available as a poster (just click on the picture to... Continue Reading →

The Universe is Abundant, Why Aren’t You?

The painting used in the above quotation is called 'The Painters Universe' and can be purchased as prints — JUST CLICK HERE. Other blogs by Cherie Roe Dirksen you may enjoy: Creative Expression Brought to Life on Youtube (Watch for Free) It’s About Time This Blog Was Written! 2 Quick Little Pep-Me-Ups 5 Ways to Tune into a HD Quality Life Why... Continue Reading →

2 Quick Little Pep-Me-Ups

Give a girl an iPad and a great app like PaintJoy and voila! 🙂  Quotes happen... Other articles and quotes you may enjoy: The 44 Second Example to Feeling Better What is Love? Free Wallpaper Quotations What Are You Waiting For? Why Synchronicity Can Change Your Life Valentines Day Digital Art — See How It’s Done in Under 3 Minutes!... Continue Reading →

Ho Ho Ho and a Show of Pearly Whites!

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas! Other articles you may enjoy today: 4 Simple Tips on How to Stay Calm at Family Reunions The Zen of Christmas The 44 Second Example to Feeling Better  

The 44 Second Example to Feeling Better

Need a quick pick-me-up? Here's a short little video I put together to remind you of what could be the most important thing missing from your life — that one thing that could boost your health and well-being today... This 'motion quote' took roughly 40 individual frames (i.e. I had to draw 40 pictures!) and... Continue Reading →

What Are You Waiting For?

Articles you may enjoy: 3 Ways to Cure the Pushover Mentality 7 Things I Wish I Knew when I Was a Teenager 12 Things Successful People Do To Excel Books you may enjoy by this author:

Find Me Somebody to Love!

"Love is a many splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong...all you need is love!" ~ Elephant Medley (Moulin Rouge) Ah, who could forget those magical three lines as tuned to us by that scrummy little Scotsman, Ewan McGregor? But what exactly is love? We all need to love and be loved. Our entire... Continue Reading →

Famous Authors That Inspired Me to Write

A Tale of Two Settee's My  neighbour (and close friend) and I were discussing momentous children's books on my couch the other day and the rich and bountiful impact such incredible literature has on our lives. “After I’ve been dead five years, no one will read anything I’ve written.” — C.S. Lewis She is reading... Continue Reading →

2 Musical Quotations To Take Note Of

Both these pictures are taken from my paintings which can be purchased as prints (see below — click on pictures to take you to the print store): I use RedBubble for all my art prints — read more about why HERE You may also enjoy: Dripping Art, Dragonflies and Mood Enhancing Facebook Timelines 2 Simple Quotes... Continue Reading →

2 Simple Quotes You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

Be Who You Were Born To Be I've compiled 2 quotations for you today (which can be downloaded as printable mini-posters for around your office, home or studio and double as desktop wallpaper too). I want them to serve as reminders of your sheer potential when you can remember to stay grounded and true to... Continue Reading →

Your Passionate Quote of the Day

To download as a desktop wallpaper just click on the picture, right-click and 'save as'. Your Love For... What's your passion in life, that one (or two or three...) thing (s) you just can't do without?   You may also enjoy reading: The Magic Ingredient of Life  

The Magic Ingredient of Life

To download this desktop wallpaper just click on the picture, right-click and 'save as' to your computer (same goes for the e-card below or you can just 'copy' and 'paste' into an e-mail): You may also enjoy these blogs: Dripping Art, Dragonflies and Mood Enhancing Facebook Timelines What Does The World Really Need? Spreading Your... Continue Reading →

Dripping Art, Dragonflies and Mood Enhancing Facebook Timelines

What Magic Mushroom Have I Licked Today?! Couldn't think of what befitting title to give this Fridays artsy fartsy freebie blog — that one was quite a mouthful...now let's see if it's a visually compatible with your palette (whoops, it's a pun!...art palette, mouth palette...oh OK, I'll shut up)? I was tinkering about earlier this... Continue Reading →

What Does The World Really Need?

The world could always use a bit more compassion... You may also enjoy: The Secret to Excellent Living  

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

Merry Christmas! Let's not lose sight of what the real message behind Christmas is. Let's all pray for... Possibly the best present anyone could ever wish for! You also might enjoy: The End of the Mayan Calendar but a New Beginning for Us! Zen Christmas Wallpaper Serenity…Your Passport to Peace

The End of the Mayan Calendar but a New Beginning for Us!

Today is the last date on that infamous Mayan calendar.  For me, this is a symbolic 'reboot' day.  I feel it is the start of a new way of thinking and life as we know it, on this beautiful planet.  How?  Why?  What the hell?  Who knows! All I can tell you is that change... Continue Reading →

Zen Christmas Wallpaper

In keeping with the theme of having a simple Christmas this year (see 'The Zen of Christmas').  I created this wallpaper especially for your laptop/computer desktop to serve as a subtle reminder.  🙂 Happy Friday!

What Excuse is Keeping You From Your Creativity?

This is going to be short, sweet and to the point because I'm in a 'no bullshit' kind of mood today. I'm Pointing my Finger at You! If you are someone who knows they have an artistic streak buried inside (and believe me, this is aimed at most of the global population) and is not expressing it due... Continue Reading →

How to Get Your Creative Space Working For You

I had not picked up a paint-brush in ages.  I decided a few months back to devote my time to writing and the site.  But, to be perfectly honest with you, I am missing the art side of things like crazy. I suppose you can't just switch something off in you that is innate and... Continue Reading →

The Zen of Life

We make life complicated.  The key to true happiness lies in our ability to simplify our lives, not to busy them. Peel away the onion layers...find the innate within. (To download the above quote as a desktop wallpaper, click on the picture — then right-click and 'save as') I've come up with a Christmas card... Continue Reading →

2 Commonly Accepted Lies that You May Believe

Lie no. 1.  You should fit in and be normal like everyone else.  You know the story, white picket fence and two and a half kids, 9-5 job, etc. REALITY — Do what YOU want to do with your life, be who YOU want to be and live under a bridge if it makes you... Continue Reading →

The Simple Pleasures in Life

Flower Power I was out walking with a friend yesterday, we noticed some beautiful gardens. Among the gorgeous, colourful flower beds, my eye fell upon some wild red poppies.  It brought back memories of my poppy painting days.  So I took a trip down memory lane and pulled out some of these quotes to accompany my poppy art. ... Continue Reading →

Let Nature Guide You to Health and Happiness

Our Natural State of Bliss When we are in nature, we are in our natural state — in our ‘element’. That is why it feels so joyful, a state of inexplicable bliss. We are made up of the dirt of the earth and will return there some day.  The ingredients of our bodies are made... Continue Reading →

Source:  Heading To Your Dreams « Positively Positive. I just had to quickly share this blog I found today with my readers...a little boost to your Monday! Don't ever forget how much courage it takes to just begin stepping out of the box!

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