2 Simple Quotes You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

Be Who You Were Born To Be

I’ve compiled 2 quotations for you today (which can be downloaded as printable mini-posters for around your office, home or studio and double as desktop wallpaper too).

I want them to serve as reminders of your sheer potential when you can remember to stay grounded and true to yourself.  Here they are:

Integrity QuoteIn other words, work from a place of source — what have you got to bring to or offer the world?  Play on your strengths, differing perspectives and unique interpretations of life. You can be inspired by others but make sure you are an original and not a copy.

Wisdom vs Pride QuoteSometimes we feel the urge to defend ourselves in spite of what could be right.  We can shoot ourselves in the foot by digging our heels in where situations may not serve us just to prove that our way is the way.  We need to put pride on the back-burner in order to listen to what is innate — that voice of wisdom that can steer us onto the path that is correct for us.

Be still and see if you can hear the voice of wisdom that longs to be heard.

To download these quotes just click on the picture, right-click and ‘save as’ to your computer.

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7 thoughts on “2 Simple Quotes You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

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  2. forgot why i was posting, i am writing a lot now and due to health and deaths in the family i was getting in to a bad place again,thanks for snapping me out of it. gonna get some work done after i get back from dr. it is snowing here very beautifull bye


    • It’s good to keep busy and do something you love, especially through difficult times — it keeps you focused. I’m always glad to be of help — thank you for taking the time out to come over and read all my wafflings ;)…snow sounds wonderful! It’s very very hot today in Cape Town, so two extremes!


  3. i really needed this today, you must have posted this or something similar once because i have one of the paintings. they had to stop and restert my heart again a couple days ago (svt) it was over 230 they wouldn’t say how much but it was bad enough that i let the little emt try.(he has been wanting to for over a year now and i felt sorry for him,he messed up but no big deal i am doin allright) but anyways tahnks for what you do. i was just generally in a bad place. now except for being so anemic i’m fine. thanks again


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