Dripping Art, Dragonflies and Mood Enhancing Facebook Timelines

What Magic Mushroom Have I Licked Today?!

Couldn’t think of what befitting title to give this Fridays artsy fartsy freebie blog — that one was quite a mouthful…now let’s see if it’s a visually compatible with your palette (whoops, it’s a pun!…art palette, mouth palette…oh OK, I’ll shut up)?

I was tinkering about earlier this week with some of my paintings, photographs and digital art and came up with these 3 rather different Facebook timelines.  Feel free to use them at will, Commander. (To download, click on the picture, right-click and ‘save as’ to your computer then upload them to your Facebook timeline for all to gawp upon.)

Facebook Header Art in my Veins Facebook Header Dragonfly Facebook Header Spectacular

What’s in a Picture?

I thought I would include the original pieces used to create these, just so you can see how they started off and how they eventually turned out…rather interesting, me thinks.

ART missing link abstract

The first Facebook timeline (above) was taken from a section of this painting of mine called ‘The Missing Link’.  It was an experimentation with abstract art and the inner workings of our biological system.

Little Buddy original photo

The next picture is a photo I took on one of my mountain stream walks.  This cute little blue dragonfly just came and sat on my foot for about 5 minutes…too precious.  Look at his cute little face!

remembering bob

The last Facebook timeline was also taken from one of my paintings called ‘Cosmic Love’.  It is just a tiny section of the painting that has been digitally modified and colour enhanced — can you see which segment the timeline picture has been taken from?  You’ve got to look real close to see it.

As much as I love good old-fashioned traditional painting, I have a lot of fun digitally mucking about with my art and photo’s on the computer.  So much to do so little time!  Oh well, that’s all for today folks…

Have a great weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Dripping Art, Dragonflies and Mood Enhancing Facebook Timelines

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    • ps I looked down on my belly day before yesterday and I had this massive dragonfly just sitting there – massive wingspan. Admittedly I did almost jump out of my skin with fright lol. There seems to be lots of them flying around in the garden this summer – they are quite spectacular!


      • You’re right, there really are a lot of them flying about. I saw some at the bottom of my garden the other day. I’m delighted though, they’re so beautiful. 🙂 Such mystical creatures too…


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