Harmony — My Christmas Gift to You

A New Vision by Cherie Roe Dirksen

System Reboot

I don’t know about you, but I’ve kind of slipped off the bandwagon lately with regards to ‘me’ time.  I don’t know if its got to do with moving house and having an endless list of things to do or being in the midst of the silly season but quiet, reflective time is relatively scarce.

Or is it?

I realized that all that is really needed when we fall from the above-mentioned carriage is to get up and dust off.  A kind of rebooting is required.

Simple Ways to Reconnect with Spirit

So, as I was thinking about all the yoga, meditation, reading and general connecting with spirit I have been neglecting, I saw that all I needed was a swift kick in the derriere to get myself motivated again.

All we need are simple tweaks in our daily routine to get back on track.

Speaking of tracks…when I was composing my mood music albumNature Calling’, the first song I wrote was called ‘Harmony’.  I actually composed it as a zoning out, meditation tune — a quick 5-minuter that can realign you and make you feel at peace with self and nature (which I will be offering to you as a free download below).

So first on the list of reconnecting with self is:

  • Take 5 — As little as 5 minutes meditation time can give you an added boost to your day. You can do this in silence, you can find a guided meditation that works for you (there are loads on YouTube) or you can pick a relaxing tune to chill to. I am offering my track ‘Harmony’ as a FREE DOWNLOAD HERE so you can have a go-to track readily available whenever you need it.
  • Stretch It — Do some stretching exercises to release tension and get you feeling all loosey-goosey. I have been doing a quick 5 minute yoga stretching routine for years now  — something I picked up from a Deepak Chopra book — and it works wonders. You can type in ‘stretching yoga exercises’ into Google and get some quick and easy ideas of how to do this.
  • Grounding/Earthing — This one is uber simple to do. Go outside (where there is earth or grass), take your shoes off and feel Gaia’s energy! This is such an awesome practice and it is so healing. Read more about Earthing here on CLN: Grounding for Body Equilibrium and Health
  • Hu — No, this is not taking time out to perve over Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie or any other fine Hugh-named celebrity. It’s an ancient practice of sounding out the word ‘HU’ (pronounced like ‘Hugh’ or ‘hue’) to get in touch with the God-self. It’s a great mantra to use for overall well-being.  For more about the HU technique CLICK HERE.
  • Reading — This is also something that I love to do but sometimes find little time for. But really? One doesn’t have to finish a novel to get the benefit of a bit of reading down-time — you can surely put your feet up for just 10 minutes to get the advantage of loafing with a book?!
  • Get Real — This last one is about what you’re putting into your beautiful, divine body! Yip, I can just feel you rolling your eyes. It’s especially hard to remember to honour your sacred, fleshy temple when Christmas feasting is just around the corner. I’m not saying you can’t indulge a little, just try to be mindful. A few minor adjustments could mean a world of difference to how you’re feeling. Drink lots of pure water before and after drinking things like coffee or alcohol. Remember to add equal amounts of fresh fruit and veg to your daily meals. Tune into your body on a regular basis to see if what you’re putting in is affecting what you’re getting out.

Use this list as a little bag of tricks that is doable and doesn’t require a hell of a lot of prep work or time.

Especially now that we are in the peak of the holiday season and spending oodles of time with family and friends, never mind the over-indulgence that is brimming on the horizon (brace for impact)!

You’re going to need all the help you can give yourself.

Article written by Cherie Roe Dirksen for Conscious Life News (visit their site HERE)

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