Step Into Your Power Now With This Simple Affirmation

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Words of Wisdom From Matthew Bellamy

In homage to a great musician and pioneer of the truth — whose birthday it was yesterday (Happy Birthday, Matthew!) — here is a quote that I absolutely love from one of Muse's songs: Stay tuned — in next week's blog I'm going to dig into their latest song, 'Defector', for some galvanizing issues!  You're not going... Continue Reading →

7 Genius Epiphanies to Reset Your Life to

Hunting High and Low Most of us strive to gain a better grasp and understanding of life and the meaning of it all. We all know of or have heard about those magical ‘a-ha’ moments.  You know the ones — when some great profundity just clicks into place like a key sliding into a lock and opening a door to a dazzling... Continue Reading →

Why Creativity Leads to Universal Expansion

  This is a quotation from my book 'Creative Expression — How to find your inspiration' which you can download for FREE can watch and listen to the audio-visual on YouTube HERE or you can purchase the paperback HERE. The above quote is also available as a poster (just click on the picture to... Continue Reading →

The Magic Ingredient of Life

To download this desktop wallpaper just click on the picture, right-click and 'save as' to your computer (same goes for the e-card below or you can just 'copy' and 'paste' into an e-mail): You may also enjoy these blogs: Dripping Art, Dragonflies and Mood Enhancing Facebook Timelines What Does The World Really Need? Spreading Your... Continue Reading →

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