Why Rejection Can Be a Blessing

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You’re Such a Reject!

Rejection is not something we take kindly to.

Rejection, for most, is something to be avoided at all costs and if encountered we tend to slip into self-doubt, shame, self-flagellation and a variety of other negative emotions.

The thought of entering a situation that could lead to rejection makes us feel vulnerable. Eeek!  Another word that sends shivers down the spines of the most hardy.

But why?

Vulnerability — The Gateway to Testing the Waters of Potential

What is interesting is that vulnerability can indeed lead to rejection but rejection only ever equates to not being in vibrational alignment or frequential match to what we think we want.

Rejection QuoteWe should not take rejection personally.

In other words, when we experience rejection it is actually the universe saving us time and trouble when something is not in alignment with our destination.  

We may not see it at the time and pine for what we think we ‘lost out’ on but we need to realign with the truth that it wasn’t meant to be in the first place and something else that is a frequential match is on the way.  

Sometimes we are so hung up on the rejection that we miss the opportunity that the rejection made way for.  


Embracing Rejection

Now you can face rejection with the renewed optimism that it is a divining rod that will eventually lead you to that bountiful spring!

Allow yourself to be vulnerable when you need to test the waters of a potential desire.  If rejected then allow yourself to hold your head high as you stride over to the next potential.

Rejection ultimately leads to refining your path.


About the Art

The artwork used in this article is taken from my painting called, ‘Apotheosis’, the original is sold but prints and products are available — CLICK HERE.

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