3 Ways to Alchemize Chaos

How to use a Little Spiritual Alchemy

Do you sometimes feel that you are manifesting the good along with the bad? The good manifestations are fantastic but what do you do when you have created a not-so-desirable situation?

The best thing to do is to start to see your potential problems in a new light — what can they teach you?

Once you figure out why they are there and what your lesson is you can turn them around.  Does it work?  Hell yes!

Here’s some helpful advice:

  • Accept — when life throws a curve-ball (or 3 or 4 or 12 or whatever your circumstance has chucked at you recently), you need to give yourself some time and space to absorb.  To give your acceptance to what cannot change because resisting it will fuel its growth or allow more negativity to enter your slipstream.  Acceptance can even transmute the problem as you give it no power.  You can visualize how you would rather see it and then let it go.  I did this with many problems I have recently faced to see those very situations change to positive in a very short time and I did very little (just a bit of positive affirmations and visualizations) to make it happen.
  • Act — take action with what you can do and don’t stress about what you are not able to do.  Simply knocking down one thing after the other gives a great sense of satisfaction even if you have a mountain of things to do.  You will conquer Everest one step at a time.  Then when you look back, you’ll see just how much you can get done and how powerful a being you are.  I felt completely swamped lately with so much to do but little by little I got things done.  Most of the ‘struggle’ was actually in my mind.  I still have a few things to wrap up but I know I’ll get it all done in divine time!
  • Trust in the Flow — I find myself surrendering to the present moment a lot and blissing out even amidst the most chaotic times.  I just have a knowing that I am in that Universal flow and everything is going to be alright.  So exercise that grounding present moment awareness and trust that everything is in divine order.  I have literally sat back and watched the most astounding things flow and fit into place like a giant jigsaw puzzle that I could never have orchestrated if I tried to control the outcome.

Try and perceive your problems as learning curves and transmute the bad to good — after all, you’re an alchemist you know?! Read related article: Why Rejection Can Be a Blessing

The Definition of Alchemy

In times bygone, alchemy was turning matter into gold (the short and sweet version :D).

What you are going to achieve with ‘spiritual’ alchemy is turn your ‘matter’ (situations, etc) into ‘gold’ (treasure/abundance/wealth).

To alchemize a situation is to step inside it and transmute it from the inside out.  Get into what is bugging you (through meditation or quiet visualization) and start working your magic — find that gem of understanding/learning that the situation has to offer and morph it (through picturing what you want to see in your mind’s eye) into what you do want to see manifest in your life.

Keep on aligning yourself to your ‘new’ vision especially when you feel that sinking feeling in your stomach (solar plexus) when thinking about the distress it may be causing (keep alchemizing it!).

Please let me know if this works for you (leave a comment below). 🙂  I love to hear your feedback.

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14 thoughts on “3 Ways to Alchemize Chaos

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  6. A big warm sunny greeting to you Cherie from the beautiful state of Queensland Australia! Extending my appreciation to you for such insightful, encouraging and supporting thoughts and words expressed in your blogs, articles and posts.
    After reading your work, I always have a strong sense of renewed hope and encouragement that all is well in my World.
    Pruellen xx


    • Hi Pruellen,

      How lovely to hear from you down under! 😉

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment – it means a great deal to me and I’m so delighted that you find my ramblings helpful. It’s through feedback like this that encourages me to carry on, so thank you again.

      Much love,
      Cherie xxx


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  12. How is it Cherie, I find your blog to be right on par with me?!?! Talk about flow…believe me Mother Nature is calling!! Universe. God. Whomever or Whatever it is to be known as~
    I’m grateful for your lovely use of the English language. I can appreciate though the word Eish, and without even looking it up, it’s as natural as the day is long. I can visualize the stars you must see on a daily basis as I too, see those very same stars. What is out there? Who’s to say~ You, however, make my day just that much better by expressing how you feel, how you deal and what it is that is making you, you. I too, am experiencing enlightenment as BIG and WIDE as the SKY is VAST. It’s a ride alright. I will continue to be grateful every single day of my life knowing that I am special to have been given this amazing opportunity called life and love and laughter. God Bless


    • Hi Christie, or as we South Africans say ‘Howzit?’ 🙂

      I really enjoy connecting with people and sharing my experiences so I really appreciate your comment.

      Waking up to ‘ALL THERE IS’ certainly is a magical trip. Keep visiting Mother Nature frequently, pondering those stars at night, bombard yourself with ‘shits and giggles'(got to love Austin Powers for that phrase!) and enjoy the fantastic ride into the glorious unknown!

      Gratitude is one of our most powerful manifesting emotions, so keep that tank topped up every day and you’ll experience so much more joy!

      Much love to you,
      Cherie xxx


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