The Best Christmas Present Ever!

Merry Christmas! Let's not lose sight of what the real message behind Christmas is. Let's all pray for... Possibly the best present anyone could ever wish for! You also might enjoy: The End of the Mayan Calendar but a New Beginning for Us! Zen Christmas Wallpaper Serenity…Your Passport to Peace

The Zen of Art

What better way to gift yourself than to spend some quality time creatively expressing your inner feelings?  "The Dreamers Night Sky" by Cherie Roe Dirksen I have only recently allowed myself to truly 'let go' and I found my form of expression which is more abstract than traditional (see above).  It has been a liberating... Continue Reading →

Your World, Your Life

I would like to share with you the outro of my book ('Divine You').  It is a poem I wrote just before I started the endeavour that was the undertaking of writing this self-empowerment guide.  It encapsulates the journey of this book and I hope it will whet your appetite. So for now, I'll leave... Continue Reading →

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