Get Your Mona Lisa Smile On!

Get your 'Mona' prints and paraphernalia HERE. 😀  There's prints, bags, pillows and more! Other blogs you may enjoy: 7 Genius Epiphanies to Reset Your Life to New Photographs of Painting ‘Iceland Poppy Mix’ and Art on Duvet Covers! Discover Why My Cat Can’t Get Enough of this Oil and Be Amazed at What it Can Do... Continue Reading →

The 44 Second Example to Feeling Better

Need a quick pick-me-up? Here's a short little video I put together to remind you of what could be the most important thing missing from your life — that one thing that could boost your health and well-being today... This 'motion quote' took roughly 40 individual frames (i.e. I had to draw 40 pictures!) and... Continue Reading →

Your Passionate Quote of the Day

To download as a desktop wallpaper just click on the picture, right-click and 'save as'. Your Love For... What's your passion in life, that one (or two or three...) thing (s) you just can't do without?   You may also enjoy reading: The Magic Ingredient of Life  

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