Let Nature Guide You to Health and Happiness

Our Natural State of Bliss

When we are in nature, we are in our natural state — in our ‘element’. That is why it feels so joyful, a state of inexplicable bliss.

We are made up of the dirt of the earth and will return there some day.  The ingredients of our bodies are made up from Mother Earth, we are part of the same system. When we honor and respect Her, we honor and respect ourselves.

We are One and the Same

The food you eat to make up the content of your body, is of the earth.  The house you live in, the car you drive, the computer you sit at, the ground that supports you is made possible by the planet you inhabit.

Take some time out to engage in your senses and nature:

  • Touch — Taking a walk among trees, touching the rough bark
  • Smell — Sitting on a park bench or in your garden, can you identify all the different aromas? Can you smell the sweet scent of the flowers?
  • Feel — Strolling on the beach, letting the water wash over your bare feet
  • Taste — Biting into a freshly picked berry or sprig of parsley
  • Beauty — Appreciating the world around you — look at how magnificent the wing of a bee is!
  • Hear — Listening to the sound of birds singing in the trees
  • Vision — Marveling at the sunset or sunrise or a cloud formation

Here are some inspirational desktop wallpapers/posters for you to download (click on the picture, right-click and ‘save as’):

Here are the accompanying e-cards (click on the picture, right-click and ‘save as’):


(all for your personal use only, i.e. no re-selling please)

These are 2 of my paintings (originals are, alas, sold), they can be purchased as posters below.  I also have some other unique items that hold this design, come take a peek:


To visit my Spiral Design Gift Store click on the picture below:


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