Do You Want INSTANT Fame and Glory?

As many of you may know already, my band — Templeton Universe — are doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1000 for the production costs of our latest album, ‘Between Lies’ (you can CLICK HERE to hear and see what we’re about). We are so thankful to have raised 43% of our total goal over the last 3 weeks but we need some help in the final push.

We’ve just headed into the last 7 days of our campaign and we had an epiphany! We decided to add the FAME AND GLORY package (please click on the picture below to read all about it).

Why You Can’t Miss Out on This – Only 2 Available!!!

Suffice to say, this package gets you your name/business name/brand on the inlay or back of our physical CD for life! Plus you get ALL the perks of ALL the other packages (which includes 5 instant album downloads and a physical CD). If that wasn’t enough — you get 10 shout-outs on our Facebook page (which is also linked to our Twitter account — another added bonus) as an amazing sponsor and supporter of the arts! We have over 12 000 fans on Facebook check it out HERE.

If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, please act now before it’s too late!

TU promo

Here’s an acoustic performance of us doing ‘Anticipation Frustration‘ of the last album, ‘Headspace:


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