Templeton Universe Invites Your Ears Down the Rabbit Hole…

With the release of my indie rock bands new album, ‘Between Lies’ (Templeton Universe) — we decided to bring out a lyric video of the first track. It’s got an Alice-in-Wonderland/Oz feel to it. Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Do You Want INSTANT Fame and Glory?

As many of you may know already, my band — Templeton Universe — are doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1000 for the production costs of our latest album, ‘Between Lies’ (you can CLICK HERE to hear and see what we’re about). We are so thankful to have raised 43% of our total goal over the last 3 weeks but we need some help in the final push.

We’ve just headed into the last 7 days of our campaign and we had an epiphany! We decided to add the FAME AND GLORY package (please click on the picture below to read all about it).

Why You Can’t Miss Out on This – Only 2 Available!!!

Suffice to say, this package gets you your name/business name/brand on the inlay or back of our physical CD for life! Plus you get ALL the perks of ALL the other packages (which includes 5 instant album downloads and a physical CD). If that wasn’t enough — you get 10 shout-outs on our Facebook page (which is also linked to our Twitter account — another added bonus) as an amazing sponsor and supporter of the arts! We have over 12 000 fans on Facebook check it out HERE.

If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, please act now before it’s too late!

TU promo

Here’s an acoustic performance of us doing ‘Anticipation Frustration‘ of the last album, ‘Headspace:


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Templeton Universe Officially Releases Album Art

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Have You Got $10 For Switched-On Music?

ad 1

Ever feel you’re alone in your awakening experience?

I remember when I first had my wake-up call — I scouted for music to help me through. After all, music speaks where words can’t go, right?

I recall stumbling across bands like Muse — who opened my eyes to MK-Ultra and HAARP — and Radiohead that spoke of the insane society we live in.

All these songs got me through a rough time and I still turn to them on a daily basis.

When I agreed to join Templeton Universe (indie rock band) as the bassist, I did so because I totally believed in his music. This man writes from soul and about things that MATTER.

Don’t take my word for it though, take a listen — click on the pic below (we’ve got a load of videos you can watch to get a feel for what we’re about). We’re closing in on the end days of our crowdfunding campaign to release our new album, ‘Between Lies’, out into the world. The theme of the album is ‘the truth will set you free but it will piss you off first’. I think you’re going to like it…$10 gets you an instant download of this new album, $25 gets you the 3 albums and $50 gets you all 5 albums with a bonus gift.

Between Lies - Templeton Universe CD cover

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Templeton Universe Officially Releases Album Art

TU campaign 2Our (TU) latest album, ‘Between Lies’, has a cover!

The official global release is set at the end of April 2017 but YOU get to hear it first when you CLICK HERE.

The cover art has been taken from the beginning stages of my painting, ‘Guiding Light’ (see further on in article).

Here is the cover:

Between Lies - Templeton Universe CD cover

What do you think?

The albums theme is along the lines of, ‘the truth will set you free but it will piss you off first’. Savvy? I think a lot of us feel this right now.

Get the album HERE and sing out your frustrations!

Here is the painting in its early stages (which is what we’ve taken for the album cover design):

Guiding Light early stages

Here is the finished painting…see the difference? The original is still available for $360 (incl. shipping) – prints are available too (CLICK HERE):

Guiding Light

We’ve still got around 2 weeks of our crowdfunding campaign left – please help us to reach our goal of $1000 to help with the final production stages of our album (every pledge gets you the new album!). Click on the picture below to read all about it 😀 – we want you to become part of our journey:

Templeton Universe Crowdfunding Header 3