Audio: How to Tune into an HD Quality Life (via Higher Self YouTube Channel)

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Audio: 12 Things Successful People Do (via Higher Self Channel)

Cherie Roe Dirksen reads out her article describing 12 attributes of the successful and how to define success for yourself. #success #motivational #inspiring #healthylivingtips

Audio: 1 Common Mistake Using the Law of Attraction (via Higher Self Channel)

Why does the Law of Attraction not work for some? #lawofattraction #lawofattractiontips

Audio: Redesign Yourself (via DNA Awakening Channel)

I'm pleased to announce my collaboration with the popular YouTube channel, DNA Awakening (don't forget to subscribe!). Here is the first audio video for my article: How to Redesign Yourself From the Cellular Level and Beyond...   Other audio articles you may enjoy: 1 Common Mistake Using the Law of Attraction Audio Go Slow to... Continue Reading →

Audio: Why You Need to Pay Attention to Synchronicity (via Higher Self Channel)

Catch me reading my article about synchronicity on the Higher Self YouTube channel below: Subscribe to the Higher Self YouTube channel HERE Other audio articles you may enjoy: 1 Common Mistake Using the Law of Attraction Audio Go Slow to Speed Things Up (Audio Video) Audio Article on Synchronicity Redesign Yourself Audio Video The Secret Ingredient to Happiness Audio

How to Recognize a Dream Thief (audio)

Some things are better kept secret... #dreamthief #narcissist #cherieroedirksen #higherself

Catch My Latest Audio About Redesigning Yourself via Higher Self Channel

The audio for article, 'How to Redesign Yourself from the Cellular Level and Beyond' read by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Cooking Up a Storm in the Spiritual Cosmic Kitchen

Thanks to Martin at The Ascension Process YouTube channel for putting together this great audio video of my article, 'Giving Life Meaning Through Cake'. If you missed it (it came out a few weeks ago), why not listen to it below 🙂 Other articles you may enjoy: Panspermia and Art: An Interesting Combination How to Realign... Continue Reading →

How to Realign with Innate Gratitude

When we try to experience the frequency referred to as gratitude, we're told to be thankful for the roof over our heads, the food in our fridge, the clothes on our back, etc. — which is, no doubt, a great practice and a good place to start when we're trying to raise our vibration. 5... Continue Reading →

10 Ascension Tips You Need to Know

A big thank you to Higher Self for spreading the word and making the above video from my article — you're the greatest! Please go like their YouTube channel (click here). Other cosmic shit you may enjoy: Giving Life Meaning Through Cake The Key to Success That May Surprise You (It Surprised Me!) The Dummies Guide to... Continue Reading →

The Dummies Guide to Awakening Video

Other articles you may be interested in: 3 Ways to Tap Into the Matrix of All Possibility Love the Body You’re In! A Reminder That Your Soul Mate is Always Closer Than You Think… A Music Quote From Templeton Universe I Made a Lyric Music Video — Come Take a Look 🙂

Do You Want INSTANT Fame and Glory?

As many of you may know already, my band — Templeton Universe — are doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1000 for the production costs of our latest album, 'Between Lies' (you can CLICK HERE to hear and see what we're about). We are so thankful to have raised 43% of our total goal over the last 3... Continue Reading →

Free Yourself From Creative Complacency Today!

Complacency: A Big Mistake Some Creatives Make "The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun."  ~Benedict Cumberbatch Whether you're a rocket scientist or a hairdresser — if you think you're in your groove and that's where you'll stay, you've got a... Continue Reading →

2 Signs That Inflexibility is Setting into Your Life Experience

"The Universe is ever expanding and gives rise to new opportunities for creating and orchestrating planetary and galactic development. So, if the Universe is pushing ever on outward, why set boundaries for creativity on any level? Never limit yourself because anything can be achieved if doubt is removed. The Universe is not set — why... Continue Reading →

How to Not Fall into the Trap of Complacency (video incl.)

"There is no stopping creative flow... It will never cease to be. The only limitations to creation are the ones that are self inflicted." (Page 3 of 'Creative Expression — How to find your inspiration...') To recap on page 1 and 2 (recommended) click here: 4 Minute Video Leading up to the Meaning of Life and Why Anybody... Continue Reading →

4 Minute Video Leading up to the Meaning of Life

Take One — Meanings, Purpose and Lighting Fires  (with the Added Bonus of Eternal Youth)... It's the age old question we ask ourselves at some point in this discombobulating journey of life: What is the meaning of it all? "There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring... Continue Reading →

Viva Vivaldi! Connecting Us to Intelligent Design Through Music (incl. Art Process Video)

Exploring Music and Tapping Into Meaning In my previous video blogs I explored a haunting tune from Bach (view HERE) and the enticing sounds of Debussy (view HERE) through drawing to their music and seeing what emerges onto my whiteboard (including the feelings that arose). Today, I immersed myself in the blooming, fresh sounds of Antonio Lucio... Continue Reading →

Update: From Bowie Tributes to Leading Myself Down the Garden Path…(photos and videos incl.)

Time Has Just Gone Awry (But I Have Brilliant Excuses!) Shewee...the last few weeks have been a flash in the pan! I don't know how you feel about the energies of late? I can't keep up with myself! On the upside, things are happening...I hope they are with you too? Before I get into that, let... Continue Reading →

Reality Check: Disempowering Facebook Quotes that Lead to Waiting for ‘Soul Mate’ Reunions

Last week I told you I was taking strides out of my comfort zone and pulling carrots from my derriere (you can read it HERE — Do You Believe in Magic?), well, here's the first 'episode' of Reali-Tea Check! I'm hoping to make it a regular feature here, so do stay tuned and remember to... Continue Reading →

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