The Greatest Task That Lies Before the Awakened Human Being

Butterfly on White Poppy by Cherie Roe Dirksen

“The law of attraction is infallible, and every single person is getting what they are asking for, even though most of the time each person is not aware that they are asking for what they don’t want. There is such absolute beauty in the law, which is so responsive and giving in every single moment so that we can experience our lives.

The law never changes — we must learn how to live in harmony with the law. That is the greatest task for every single human being.”

~ Rhonda Byrne (The Secret Daily Teachings)

You got to love how the ‘law’ works, right? No? Are you pulling your hair out at some of the things you’re manifesting?

Join the club!

Upside Down and Inside Out

Yesterday I was putting my video blog together. It’s usually a wee bit of a task and I’m prepared for that. I spent hours writing the forward blog and then got to editing and splicing the footage I’d filmed the day before.

For some strange reason, the footage came out sideways. No big deal as you can rotate it in the movie editor. My eyebrow raised. Was there some sort of hidden message in this for me today? (some of you may understand this form of questioning every nuance that is happening to you as some sort of inner reflection trying to out itself. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about — just put it down to certain madness).

I pieced the whole thing together and exported the video for YouTube. Uh…the whole thing was totally out of sync.

I went back to my editing dashboard — everything there was in total sync. Did the whole thing again. Still out of sync. I did it 3 times to no avail. My blood was boiling as I’m about to go on a trip today until Sunday and I simply don’t have time for these games.

I decided to give it a break and start my newsletter which was also due out yesterday. Another mammoth task that I don’t particularly look forward to (perhaps a clue?).

After hours of working on this, it was time to hit the send button. But what was this? My whole newsletter was suddenly out of alignment. There were boxes and sidebars in erroneous places! Oh lord!

Time to Stop, Drop and Reassess

Okay, at this point I was past mild panic and was heading straight for losing it completely. My husband reminded me to ‘take a knee’ before I blew a fuse. So I went to lie down to try and quiet the old noggin.

As I was looking up at the ceiling trying to do my breathing exercises (through flared and excited nostrils, I might add!), it hit me.

  1. I was in a hurry — I was attracting anxiety
  2. I was putting unnecessary duress on myself by demanding I complete these tasks today — attracting more stress and anxiety

Well, problem solved (almost). I was putting out general chaos and that’s what I was getting. Everything was topsy turvy thanks to me and my energy.

I had to stop and calm down before understanding what and why I was attracting mischief into my day. When I came to peace with my odd manifestations, I felt more in flow and in harmony with my projections. I accepted them and began to change the energy and move on.

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After my epiphany, I sat down with my diary. I still had a couple of hours this morning to write a new blog (*a-hem*…this one), so, I reassigned the task and set my alarm to go off an hour early.

I already felt better. I had to still pack and get things ready for my trip but I did that with ease.

A Small Titbit About Synchronicity

I’m going to end this off by saying that the quote I started with came to me tsubcribe buttonhrough sheer synchronicity.

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I was pondering, whilst packing, what I should write the ‘new’ blog about. I thought that maybe I should be honest and write about my little meltdown (but I thought perhaps my fiasco had the potential to bore you to tears).

I strode over to my bookshelf and ‘The Secret Daily Teachings’ lurched out at me. I picked it up and randomly opened it at the quote at the top of this article.

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After reading it I started to chuckle. It was pretty much what happened to me during the course of the day and it looked like my meltdown was the very thing I needed to share with all of you upon this very morn.

I’d like to think that there must be someone out there who needed to hear this. If not, you’ve just wasted a good few minutes reading about superfluous misadventure.

Original article written by Cherie Roe Dirksen for Conscious Life News

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