How Balanced Are You?

Bicycling Together by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Tipping the Scales

So, what is balance? It’s just the definition for an even distribution of something.  When you’re feeling out of kilter, it’s because you’re distribution is off whack. This can pertain to mind, body and spirit.

It sounds like a simple enough thing to get this so-called ‘balance’ in your life — it’s a no-brainer, right? Yes and no.

It can be simple enough. Example: ‘I’ve had too much pizza, tomorrow I’m only eating salad.’ 

That could be one way of bringing back equilibrium, in this case, to your body.

However, imbalance can creep up on you. Example: ‘I feel rotten…oh, maybe it’s because I’ve been on Pinterest (insert any other form of social media here) for 2 hours and my brain has turned to mush. I need to take a break and go potter in my garden.’

It can be darn right tough though with things that seem insurmountable and entrenched into the very fabric of our existence.

Example: ‘I work so much I haven’t got time for myself. It’s so hard to feel balanced.’ or ‘I know I smoke and drink too much, I feel it in my body but I don’t know what else to do to unwind.’

Trust in Your Innate Sense of Wisdom

A lot of the time our bodies/hearts whisper to us, hint at us, scream at us that something is wrong.

Our job is to listen.

We should endeavor to inject our awareness into our bodies, if there is discomfort — or into our hearts, if there is lack, sorrow or fear.

Here are some things you can do every day for more balance and harmony in your life:

  • Meditate — you know it’s good for you but do you ever get around to doing it? Meditation takes on many forms. You don’t have to sit in the lotus position to meditate ‘properly’ or go into transcendental states of consciousness for hours to achieve a quiet mind. Meditating could be to simply sit in your garden and listen to the birds or the wind. Meditating is something personal. Find the brand that works for you. Read more here: 5 Easy Steps to Meditating (No Lotus Position Required)
  • Spin — Barbara Marciniak spoke of this in her book ‘Bringers of the Dawn— Teachings from the Pleiadians’. It’s a practice I often use to get myself on track. It apparently enhances the spinning of your chakra system. The technique is to hold out your thumb and focus on that as you spin, slowly at first, 33 times — from left to right. Then you anchor yourself at the end by bringing your palms together, at chest level, and press whilst keeping your eyes open. You can read more about the exact process HERE.
  • Breath work — yup, we breathe automatically so why must we focus on that? Because most of us breathe very shallowly. Our bodies actually need focused, deep breathing to function at optimus prime. You can read more about that here:  What is Your Quality of Breath — Did You Know You Could Be Starving Your Body of Oxygen?
  • Eat Right — you are what you eat and all that blah blah…yeah, I know you’ve heard it all before but, seriously, it’s the truth! You’ve got to get real about what you put in that divine little temple of yours. It is in my personal opinion that you can still enjoy those ‘naughty’ things in life every once in a while, as long as you exercise (literally) self-control. I enjoy a glass of wine or a beer every now and again but let’s face it, if it goes out of balance and one drink becomes 5 you’re going to topple your equipoise. Too much of any one thing — even if it’s healthy — is not balanced. See what happens if you eat too many carrots…I dare you (*disclaimer: no don’t)! My husbands aunt once went on a carrot bender (I’m telling the truth!) and she turned orange. I kid you not.
  • Move — your body has muscles ergo it was made for movement. Walk, run, skip, hop, dance the fandango…do whatever it takes to build up a little sweat each day and keep that bod in tip top shape. Exercise really helps to maintain a healthy balance in your life. And if you work all day and are too tired to workout then take the stairs at the office, take a walk to the nearest park at lunchtime. There’s always something you can do to get active.
  • Watch Your Thoughts — a balanced body needs a balanced mind. You can eat organic, breathe deeply until you see cows come clambering home, exercise every God-given day, spin your butt off and yoga yourself into a pretzel to no avail if your headspace ain’t stepping up to the plate. If you find yourself on a negative downstream of thoughts, see if you can stop yourself and try to bring balance to the inner dialogue by counterbalancing the worry. In other words, start visualizing what you want to see happen and then let it go. Read more about how to here: 10 Ways To Transition From A Negative To A Positive Thinker

Try these things out and see how it makes you feel. If you can’t do every point — don’t sweat it! Do what you can.

Balance is something we all work at all the time. The key is to regularly scan ourselves for imbalance and to keep gifting ourselves with more quiet time.

CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

To date, she has published 3 self-help and motivational books and brings out weekly inspirational blogs at her site Get stuck into finding your passion, purpose and joy by downloading some of those books gratis when you click HERE.

Her ambition is to help you to connect with your innate gift of creativity and living the life you came here to experience by taking responsibility for your actions and becoming the co-creator of your reality. You can also follow Cherie on Facebook (The Art of Empowerment).

Cherie posts a new article on CLN every Thursday. To view her articles, click HERE.

This article (How Balanced Are You?) was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

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