Update: From Bowie Tributes to Leading Myself Down the Garden Path…(photos and videos incl.)


Time Has Just Gone Awry (But I Have Brilliant Excuses!)

Shewee…the last few weeks have been a flash in the pan! I don’t know how you feel about the energies of late?

I can’t keep up with myself! On the upside, things are happening…I hope they are with you too?

Before I get into that, let me apologise for my shortcomings in delivering the scheduled Wednesday blog last week. I just darn-right forgot with all that’s been going down.

I don’t usually like to write about my own personal blah-blah’s but I just have to share some stuff and try and weasel myself off the hook for not getting around to last week’s blog.

Okay, So, Here’s Some Personal Stuff…

Not that I want to make excuses or anything (but I’m going to anyway!) but I volunteered my bass guitar skills for a David Bowie Tribute concert (with Paul Q and Templeton) that went down the Saturday before last in Cape Town.

It took us a couple of intense weeks of constant band practice to get our 2 sets of 20 songs together (excuse no. 1).

It was great, thanks (I know you just asked!) — it was actually a sell-out show…hoorah! So, we’ve decided to take it on to various theaters around the Western Cape.

Anyhoo…here are some YouTube clips of our performance. Such fun!

And Let’s Not Forget The Parlotones Gig!

My man and his brother (also known as ‘Band of Hats’) just fronted for The Parlotones a few weeks ago. So lots of excitement there in getting them all ready for the big day. I helped design their banner — as seen below — and prep with some products as well as help with the marketing (these things take time! Excuse no. 2) 🙂


012And, of course, I just have to throw in a photo of me and lead singer, Khan Morbee (left).

Now for my third excuse at missing last weeks blog…

The Garden Path — So Misleading!

Literally, Michael and I have been landscaping our back garden — and it involves lots of paths. This week-long exercise saw us pick-axing through our rock-hard, slate ground (we live in the ‘klein Karoo’ in South Africa which is quite barren) to carrying barrow loads of stones.

It’s all about blisters, blood, sweat and tears (yes, I actually cried after a hard grind of digging one day, I went and dropped a bag of cement on my toe!).

Thing is — it’s so damn rewarding that you just can’t stop until the job is done. And, well, the job is still ongoing. But I will try to stick to my writing commitments this week.

For those gardening enthusiasts or just curious folk, here are some photo’s of our garden projects.

Eat Your Heart Out, Moulin Rouge!

Oh…and did I mention we’re also doing stuff around the house (excuse no. 4)? Lik006e my lush and sexy new red accent wall in the bedroom! Provoking a passionate pastiche for Burlesque evenings. Say what? Oh, don’t make me repeat that!

It’s been on my to-do list for an age.

I also decided to try out hand-made branch chandeliers. Something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I love the way they turned out but…my word…what a palaver!

Sticks and branches everywhere — up your nose, in your eye and down your drain-pipes. I don’t know if I missed a trick 005but it was hell to put together. I thought it looked so easy when I saw it on Pinterest…he he. What a sucker!

You’ll see on your left the finished light fixtures now hanging in my lounge. They are quite cool, even though they were a nightmare to make, as they make you feel like you’re in a forest at night.

So what do all these excuses have to do with me missing last weeks blog? Especially as some of these things took place weeks ago?

Sheer mental exhaustion! And the dire need to just work in the garden. It’s been such an awesome grounding (no pun intended) experience. I had a clearing in my schedule last week and I took it. I’m sure you can understand 🙂

Have a super day! And it will be back to the usual Wednesday blog spot from this week on.

I’ve been doing some more drawing to classical music (Vivaldi to be precise)…I will post the video to that this Wednesday.subcribe button

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News Alert: Rock Music Art Originals Available to Purchase Exclusively Through Saatchi for the First Time!

Rock Art OriginalsI started the Rock Art Series back in July of 2012. I thought it’d take me no longer than a year to complete.

How wrong I was!

I am still busy with the 10 paintings I set out to create. You can read the WHOLE enticing, dramatic and emotionally provocative story HERE.

I was going to wait until I painted the last one (Queen) before I released all the originals for sale.

What changed my mind?

I’ve been getting SO many requests for the prices of the originals of these pieces that I just decided to bite the bullet and set them free into the wild unknown.

I’ve grown very attached to many of them as they are dotted all over my house — from flanking my bed to gracing my hubby’s music studio. It’s time for me to detach and let someone else enjoy the depths of these works, in the flesh.

So without further ado…here they are all laid out for you to see what they’d look like in a room and to scale (click on pic’s to take you to the gallery where you can check out the prices/make an offer/buy a print at SaatchiOnline):

Rock Art 1

Read more about this ‘Radiohead’ painting here:

What Radiohead Looks Like Through The End of My Brush

Song Playlist — Radiohead Albums That Made The Art

Rock Art 2

Read more about this ‘Beatles’ painting here:

What The Beatles Look Like From the End of my Paintbrush

Rock Art 3

Read more about this ‘Jeff Buckley’ painting here:

Rock Art Series Painting no. 3 — Jeff Buckley ‘Raw’

How I Got ‘Raw’ With Jeff Buckley

Rock Art 4

Read more about this ‘Pink Floyd’ painting here:

‘Dancing in the Void’ — Pink Floyd Rock Art Painting No.4 Photographs

Painting Pink Floyd — Soldiering Through the Minefield of Emotion

Rock Art 5

Read more about this ‘Skunk Anansie’ painting here:

‘Dangerous Love’ — Skunk Anansie Rock Art Painting No. 5

Rock Art 6

Read more about this ‘Templeton’ painting here:

Rock Art Painting no. 6 — Templeton: The Photographic Process and Grand Reveal!

What on Earth is a ‘Chaoskampf Demiurge’? You Seriously Need to Know This!

Rock Art 7

Read more about this ‘Muse’ painting here:

The Resurrection of Muse — Rock Art Painting no. 7 Photographs

Decoding Muse (Rock Art Painting no. 7) — ‘Resurrection’

Rock Art 8

Read more about this ‘Nirvana’ painting here:

Cold Burn to Nirvana? Rock Art Painting No.8 is Something Different (Photo’s Included)

Get Me OUT Of Purgatory! The Emotions Behind the Nirvana Painting, ‘Cold Burn’

Who’s Next Up on the Easel?

I am still effectively busy trying to complete this series.

The next painting I announced was going to be David Bowie. I was devastated to hear of his passing earlier this month and it feels strange now to carry on with my plans knowing he is no longer with us. But, who knows, perhaps he’ll make an appearance in spirit like my Jeff Buckley painting. 🙂

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

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Astonishing Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Luxury Retreat

Boring Is as Boring Does — Are You Showing Yourself Up?

(Photo’s at the end of blog)

Have you ever walked into someone else’s home only to feel that something is amiss?  They have a nice house, perhaps even nice furniture, but something is definitely lacking — you look around you and all you see is dull.

Perhaps this is your house?  Put your finger on the problem yet?

It’s the lack of colour, verve, spacial compensation and imagination — you need art and you need it now!  Do you know that your décor shouts a loud message about who you are?

Scary for some but true!

You Just Might Need Professional Help!

There is a fine art to balancing correct sizing in an allocated space.

Please don’t fall for the atrocity that has one popping a tiny print on a spacious wall.  Or, God forbid, having a print that is sitting skew in a frame, then there’s that old mount-board that has started to develop mold — these are all examples of BIG no-no’s.

Better to go Zen and have nothing on your wall than have sporadic paintings dotting the horizon in a haphazard formation, drowning in a sea of space. If you have a large wall space you need an equally large picture to balance that space out.

Expert Help at No Cost

Yes, I am talking as an artist but I’m also a qualified interior designer and worked for years in the art and framing industry.

You don’t even have to sink your money into expensive original art unless that’s what tickles your fancy.

This is not actually even about impressing neighbours and friends.  It’s about your lifestyle and making your house a luxury retreat and not a place of dreaded tedium.

Homes Are Relaxation Zones

It’s a case of beautifying your domicile for a comfortable and invigorating living space.  Your opportunity to present your unique sense of taste and style.  You too can express yourself through art, it’s not only artists who can achieve this.

Art displayed can give anyone the channel with which to convey what they resonate most with.

If you can’t afford originals right now then go for the alternative — inexpensive prints.  This option can be just as good as the real deal these days with high quality canvas and photographic prints.

But enough talk, let me show you — pictures can paint 1 000 word.

This week I’m going to look at a bedroom scene.  First you’ll see the bedroom with no art and then 4 variations of art examples and how they enhance the space immediately.

Let me know — in the comment box below — which is your favourite:

Bedroom Red

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 2Bedroom 5

Bedroom 6

‘Elegance’ (Lady in Red Dress) print can be viewed HERE

All of the prints above are available (just click on the pictures to take you to the print store).  There are various formats and sizes to choose from.  To check up on the technical specs of this outstanding print store — CLICK HERE. 

Call to Action — Get Your Free ‘Before and After’ Today!

  • Does anybody want to send me a picture of their ‘blank’ space (in your home or office) that you want to see transformed by my art?  If yes, then just e-mail (cheriedirksen@yahoo.com — use heading:  ‘Art in my Home’) your photo (please try to make it a good quality — focused and straight — photo).  Your photo just might be featured in the next blog. 🙂
  • If you have a particular painting/artwork of mine in mind — just send me the link (or title of artwork) to it and I will use that in your ‘mock up’.
  • To view my extensive portfolio of available prints, please CLICK HERE.

*sizes of prints as shown in photographs may vary according to what sizes are available to print

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