What Radiohead Looks Like Through The End of My Brush

When I started out with this ‘Rock Art’ project, I had no idea how it would turn out and tried to have no expectations of what to expect from myself.

To recap on this series, please read:

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The Grand Band Reveal is Today!

Radiohead — A Teaser Pictorial ‘Rock Art’ Peek

I gave myself permission for complete artistic freedom, pleasing nobody but myself in the process.  So, in short,  I just let loose on the canvas and did what I felt compelled to do.

I am happy to show you the first painting of this 10 part series.  I have called it ‘Escapism’.

Available as prints — click on the picture.

Here are some close-ups and segments of the painting:

Thanks to Radiohead for the out-of-this-world inspiration!

I am going to run through my emotions and what inspired me to paint what I did in next Tuesdays blog as well as reveal what albums I was listening to.

For now, I would love to hear your feedback and comments about what you see here.

  • Is it what you expected?
  • Or does this not say ‘Radiohead’ at all for you?

It will be interesting to get your take on it.

Next in this series:

Rock Art Series — The Beatles

What The Beatles Look Like From the End of my Paintbrush

29 thoughts on “What Radiohead Looks Like Through The End of My Brush

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  17. Very interesting indeed: Reptilian eye, stars(?), retro ying-yang and… Is that a sperm cell heading towards earth??? I admit though. My favourite Radiohead title is their highly commercial “Creep”. Listening to that piece makes me resonate 100% with your painting. Not sure if that song had any influence, but it certainly does it for me! Or could that be the fact that the reptilian eye is the creep? Or that I really don’t know “what the hell I’m doing here” on this earth and feel like a creep here too (sperm cell landing here by complete mistake…)? Love it, Cherie. The ethnic flower designs really make me feel “special” and like a true “queen”, as Radiohead so wonderfully describe…


    • Hello Secret Admirer from Switzerland! I like your take on this…especially the sperm cell heading for Earth — lol. I wondered what that was!?! I almost painted over it but now it has given new meaning to the painting. I had such a bizarre dream about this painting last night, I still need to get my head around it. It would appear, according to a ‘higher’ source that there is a message encoded in there that triggers when it’s viewed…hmmm. It has something to do with the root chakra. Creep is definitely their most ‘commercial’ song and as beautiful as it is, they have LOADS of other amazing songs. I hope you come back next Tuesday when I reveal the playlist :). The funny thing is I never actually listened to that album whilst painting this but if you resonated with that song along with the visuals then I think that is appropriate — same energetic signature, I guess, and everyone will bring their own meaning to this, that’s the beauty of art. That ethnic flower design is also a bit of an enigma because right at the end of the painting process I just mindlessly circled it with green paint…it just kind of had to be emphasized. The mystery continues…


      • Well perhaps you didn’t need to listen to the album itself but the energy from the band came through??? Whatever the case, I could relate some of the Creep lyrics to the painting. Especially the reptilian eye was creepy. Gosh, I’m so surprised that you didn’t notice the sperm cell yourself. To me the painting is very much about human origins or something along those lines. The planetary bodies, the “seeding” of the earth, the eyes, which to me indicate intelligent life out in the universe (not necessarily in physical form), and their relation to good and evil, which is also reflected in the ying yang sign, the galactic plasma clouds, circular, vibrational energies reflected both in the universe and on earth (somewhere in the middle of the ocean), and then the general bang, pop and WOW of the fireworks and their connection to creation and formation of life, and what looks like to me to be stardust or fairy dust following in the wake of earth’s passage… All of these elements reveal to me your connection to this current information – your channeling? Now what this has to do with Radiohead, I’m not am expert. I do know that their lyrics often refer to natural elements (nature incl. animals, insects and galactic bodies) as well as spiritually relevant experiences (see e.g. “Pyramid Song”). And the often feel terribly out of place on this earth. Perhaps they do resonate in some or other way with what’s happening or happened. Their music is rather on the chaotic side sometimes and reflect a lot of conflicting discord and dissonant elements (musically speaking, I mean). This earned them quite a lot of negative crit when they were first attempting to establish themselves. But any birth is a terribly unharmonious experience, but does indeed have a miraculously beautiful outcome. “Creep” just popped to mind for me too because I feel that song is just SO honest and reflects the bare truth. I mean seriously, how many of us can really claim to be in such perfect resonance with everything all the time? I have never met anyone who hasn’t felt like a creep inside their own skin, even if only during a certain phase in their lives. The beautifully harmonic simplicity of “Creep” is in direct contrast to their usual sound and, I feel, underlines the honestly in the message. Hence: This painting honestly reveals what I can imagine Radiohead is all about. Fascinating, Cherie. I truly think you’ve found another purpose and definition of who you are. You NEED to carry on channeling information through your painting. Let those who can see, understand.


      • Thanks so much for this in-depth analogy. I am finding this a most intriguing journey of self and just have a feeling that it is linked to my purpose. I absolutely resonate with most of what you have said, so we are definitely on the same wave-length here. I probably love Radiohead so much because of their chaotic sound. The thing is that they can turn a string of chaos into an amazingly co-ordinated melody…this is so up my alley. I have to admit that when I was writing songs for my first band, I was a bit chaotic with my writing and kept on changing the beat and tempo mid-stream 🙂 It was a bit ‘avante-garde’ back then and I was quite influenced back then about how people saw me and what I was doing so I started writing ‘normal’ songs with verses and middle eights and choruses…boring! Ha ha…now I know different! I love what you said about the re-birthing of the planet, I think that is relevant and the ‘seeding’ is also subtly in there (or maybe not so subtle, especially when that reptillian eye popped up!). There is a lot going on in this but you have made all the links beautifully!


    • Holy cow! If it’s been decades since you listened to them then you have missed out on all their new stuff. I liked them in the 90’s but the 00’s have brought out the best in them. It’s not quite as morbid as the earlier stuff…well not for me anyway. Perhaps why you are confused with this take. I am especially enjoying ‘In Rainbows’ atm and the new one… 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


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