Truth Seeking Through Music

TU sketch logo Templeton Universe

I guess this blog will be my official announcement that I’m the new bassist for Templeton Universe! You can see more of what we’re about HERE (YouTube) and join our happy little musical flock on Facebook HERE.

We’ve just finished our new album called, ‘Between Lies’. It’s due for release at the end of the month.

The theme of the album is summed up in the quote (no-one knows who said it first — Gloria Steinem or Joe Klaas or maybe some other anonymous source?):

“The truth will set you free but it will piss you off first”

Or along the lines thereof.

Activists and truth-seekers like to use this phrase and we’re no different ’cause it holds so much validity in today’s world. We classify ourselves as ambient yet raunchy rock and we’re pretty confident you’re going to love the vibes. Take a listen to the tune below (from the last album ‘Headspace’):

How Can I Download this Album Today Before it’s Official Global Release?

TU campaign 2We are an independent band and we self-funded the recording of the album. We’ve released our first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $1000 (every pledge gets you our latest album download IMMEDIATELY plus there are loads more perks with differing packages on offer) for the finishing touches which we explain in this 1 minute video:

33% and Going Strong!

As of today, Wednesday 5th April 2017, we have raised $325 of the $1000 and we’re so grateful to all the people who have supported us on this journey so far! Wow, the response has been epic.

CLN Being EPIC as Usual!

Image result for conscious life news logoWhat’s more is we’ve had an advert sponsorship from Conscious Life News (that awesome site that brings conscious living to the fore-front) which means our campaign will pop up on every article on their site for a week.

How fabulous is that?

If you haven’t joined their community of over 1 million yet, please do so by clicking HERE for their Facebook page or HERE to visit their site.

If you would like to take the journey with us and support music with soul, please visit our campaign by clicking the photo below and please share with family and friends 🙂 Thank you!

TU EPK update

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