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I love to share my insights, suggestions and personal growth stories with you. However, sometimes understanding the theory behind the awakening process is just not enough. You may feel that you need some tangible help along your path — some physical guidance to get you over your hurdles.

As it is not within my specific profession to offer one-on-one coaching, I have compiled a list of meta (definition: ‘the science of what is beyond the physical’) practitioners for your convenience.  If you feel  you need someone to talk to or coach you through a specific problem — these are the people who can help take you further on  your spiritual journey.

I have tried and tested many of them and their services, hence why I feel the need to share these wonderful souls and their various gifts with you.

They know and understand the shift of consciousness that is taking place at the moment and are fully trained professional coaches, healers and practitioners.  Most of them do long-distance healings or Skype sessions — so location is not a problem.

I have chosen to list many different practices such as meta-medicine, reiki, NLP, intuitive therapy and homeopathic remedies so that you can choose which healer suits your problem and your pocket.  I hope to keep expanding on this list as I run into more and more splendid people in this enlightening field of expertise.

 Intuitive Strategist and Spiritual Advisor — Margo Mateas:

Talk with the angels

Transformational Coach and Holistic Healer – Tracy Russell:

Meta-Medicine®  Health Specialist,Trainer & Coach:  Lucille White

e-mail for information:


Homeopathic Remedies:

African Tree Essences — Enhancing Emotional Harmony



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