Top 3 Dangers of Anti-Depressants During ‘Spiritual Awakening’

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Please read the supporting articles and studies within this article. For further information about the dangers of anti-depressants please visit Dr Peter Breggin’s site CLICK HERE.

NOTE: This is a tough subject and please take note that these are my opinions — you must always use your discernment when reading, listening or viewing anything. 

Despair Over Humanity Disconnected 

It’s a topic easily understood by those who have been through an awakening of their soul but it is ‘eye-rolling’ material for those who have no concept of what an awakening is.

“Stressed individuals are forced to live in a defunct society that has no real relationship to soul.”

I get frustrated trying to explain to people what it is and why so many go through the ‘dark night of the soul’ or severe depression when they awaken (not to be mistaken for other types of depression — I’m purely speaking of spiritual awakening).  My frustrations arise from not being able to put this phenomenon into a succinct package — unfortunately, this experience would take days to explain properly.

There are so many aspects to the awakening process.  Even the word ‘awakening’ seems vague to many.  In my opinion, it was dubbed so because you seem to start to ‘see’ things from a different perspective, hence you ‘wake up’ and view your world in a different light. When you wake up to certain truths it certainly sets you free but it severely pisses you off first. And, with this, usually comes the dark night of the soul/depression.

Help!  I Need a Psychiatrist/Doctor!

There is way too much to cover when it comes to the ‘awakening’ symptoms — what to look for and what to do when you go through this process.  However, I want to just outline one key factor in this article: Anti-Depressants.

Much is not understood about coming into soul alignment and it is easily diagnosed as chronic depression in those that cannot either talk about their experiences or feel like they have no clue as to what’s going on.

“More of a problem is now created by a few irresponsible doctors than drug pushers on street corners,” CDC Director Dr. Thomas Friede

I’m no doctor, but I do have a lot of experience in these ‘spiritual awakening’ cases.  I have been through it and scraped through a depression that lasted a good 6 months. My husband has been through it and countless friends and family members have either been through or are going through it.

I gain nothing from the information I provide (i.e. I’m not financially benefiting so I have no ulterior motives here) whereas the pharmaceutical companies reap in the rewards of keeping ‘patients’ on drugs indefinitely.

I have to say that I have met a handful of doctors who truly are compassionate individuals.  They try to help their patients with long-term sustainable advice like a healthy diet and exercise instead of plying the patient with life-threatening drugs that only add to problems or ‘polyfilla’ initial diagnosis to produce further complications elsewhere in the body.

Trust Your Instinct

Use your God-given discernment wisely when it comes to medicine and psychiatry.  You are sovereign over your body.

Practitioners can only advise but their advice also needs to be discerned or meditated upon by you, who is the only person who knows what’s best for your system.

Drugs have their uses and even I am subject to taking a pain-killer every now and then for a migraine, but the flippant use of pharmaceuticals are on the increase and it’s alarming how many people think it’s OK to continuously use toxic drugs to rectify their system.

Some people take a cocktail of drugs every day without even thinking of the long-term consequences.

The Real Killer

I’m not even going to go into the ‘petty’ side-effects of anti-depressants like nausea, weight gain and headaches here.  Let’s dive into the more severe risks.

Here are just a few hidden dangers of anti-depressants:

  • Suicide — believe it or not, all anti-depressants carry an increased risk of suicide. The worst is, the risk is higher in children and teenagers who take antidepressants.  Stay far away from alcohol as it makes this ‘side-effect’ even worse.
  • Physical Dependency — like any drug, chances are you’ll get addicted to anti-depressants and the chemical changes these pills cause.  Don’t come off this medication abruptly as the withdrawals symptoms are too numerous to list.  You need to gradually wean yourself off them and definitely seek medical advice on how to do this properly. Please read the books by Dr Peter Breggin.
  • Fudging — anti-depressants are NOT A CURE for depression.  They merely help, those in severe cases of depression, to cope.  You are, however, still fudging a problem that needs addressing through therapy or deep and committed inner reflection (see my list of practitioners who can help HERE). Anti-depressants ARE NOT a long term solution.

Here is a paragraph I’ve taken from an article (Antidepressants: 10 things you need to know) about the latter point that I think needs hitting home:

For people with severe depression, medication can be a very important part of treatment. It can be the difference between being completely incapacitated, and being able to engage in therapy, being able to go for a walk etc. But antidepressants aren’t a magic cure. They don’t suddenly make everything okay.

Severe mental illness can’t be fixed overnight. It usually takes months or even years of treatment to reach some sort of stability where you can get back to your life as it was before you became ill. And non-drug treatments are just as important for people who take medication as they are for those who don’t.

Doctors, patients, friends, family etc often expect medication to make the problem go away straight away. Some people will even wonder why you can’t just “snap out of it” already. It doesn’t work like that. Recovering from a serious depressive illness is like recovering from major surgery. It takes time, and the right treatment.” (source:  Hard-to-Swallow)

Here is an article by Harvard Health Publications that covers this in details:What are the real risks of antidepressants?

So What’s the Solution for Depression with a Spiritual Awakening?

The first step to anything is awareness.  When you are aware of why you feel the way you do, you can start to remedy it.

I was reading a book this morning and it hit the nail on the head.  It did what I could not do, it gave a succinct description of what an awakening is.  Here goes:

“Stressed individuals are forced to live in a defunct society that has no real relationship to soul.”

Wow.  That neat little package of words just said it all.

When you realize this and wake up to the fact that our world is based on illusion and anything worthy of soul is suppressed, you slip into depression or what is commonly referred to as ‘the dark night of the soul’.


Because it feels like you can’t cope in a world that is fake.  You feel down because you have ‘slept’ (or had the wool pulled over your eyes) for so long without realizing what was right under your nose and now that you see it, there is little you feel you can do about it.

You feel helpless, defeated, drained, angry, resentful and the list goes on according to the individual and their life experience so far.

You can’t function properly because it all feels so meaningless.  Then your partner urges you to seek medical or psychiatric advice and the medication process starts.

Partners — Please Take Note

I would like the partners of people who are going through this process to try to glean a better understanding of what may be occurring.

I do not judge you as I know how frustrating it must be to be on the other end trying to ‘keep things together’.  Many of you have families who rely on you and your partner as a ‘unit’.

However, not  allowing your partner to go through this course in their own time, may cause even further complications.  If you encourage the use of anti-depressants you are only postponing the problem and causing another potential problem (the physical decay/damage of their body).

This is not meant to scare you or be unsympathetic — it is just the truth.  The truth can be scary and the truth may hurt but the truth will out.  Try to be patient and compassionate with this process.

You can deal with anything as long as you have awareness of what it is.

Drugs cover problems and cause more internal damage than you can imagine.  You might as well let your partner take to the bottle or get high every time they feel bad.  Don’t fool yourself — pharmaceutical drugs are just as life destroying as ‘illegal’ drugs.

In fact, I read only recently, that in the last 27 years 3 million people have died from pharmaceuticals.

“Rather than popping a pill in an attempt to resolve health issues instantly, real health and wellness starts with the individual removing themselves from the medical paradigm. The key to health rejuvenation includes supplementing with whole food based vitamins and minerals, proper nutrition, exercise and a full understanding of the many pitfalls of mainstream medical science. It starts with the realization that your health is in your hands, and that you have the power to optimize your health.” ~ Extract from ‘Is there really a difference between legal and illegal drugs’.

Nature Has the Cure

Besides the awesome effects of exercise, fresh air and being out in nature — you have a plethora of nutritious food options you can draw on to help you cure and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Recent studies have shown that a common household spice like turmeric is more effective than Prozac at treating depression!

Do your research and find a natural cure.  Nature holds all the answers.  Just sitting under a tree can do more good than popping a pill. Let gardening and healthy eating be the new Prozac.


This article is not intended to provide, and does not constitute medical advice. The content provided is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe you may have a condition, please seek qualified professional care. Always consult your doctor if you want to wean yourself off anti-depressants.

Original article written by Cherie Roe Dirksen for

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8 thoughts on “Top 3 Dangers of Anti-Depressants During ‘Spiritual Awakening’

  1. Thankyou for this article. I think I will leave the citalopram in the cupboard and continue in nature for my cure for mind and body.. Sleeping tablets on the other hand.. Oh those are not so easy! Lol


  2. I have a Friend who is an Indigo. She has been depressed for a lot reasons mostly involving family problems. Not only that but her amazing physic ability to see beyond was labeled as a form of depression so she was told by therapist. Countless times I told her it was a gift and that you just need to meditate and be open minded. I even told her in dept how the universe is all connected and is one. Finally she understood but then she was prescribed Ritalin and Prozac to treat what therapist said was ADHD and depression that was effecting her. So now for a month she has been using these pills and recently when i went to talk to her again to see how she was doing and to give her some tips on meditation she completely denied it. For some reason all I could feel was an imbalance in her, so much negative energy and so much ego slapped in the center. She said that spirituality was just some bogus and that she knows her self in which I kindly replied saying that its just your ego telling you that. Of course this created quite a stir, so the subject changed and all I was thinking was what happened to her? And now im here! All I want is really just to help her. So my question is how do you get someone off this medication so that they can once again be on the path of their awakening?


    • Hi Oliver, Unfortunately the answer to your question is you can’t. She has to come to that decision by herself. Of course, you can keep on encouraging her and perhaps steer her towards useful information about the topic. Doreen Virtue has a brilliant audiobook about Indigo children called ‘Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children’ that can perhaps help her to better understand her gifts — maybe you can get that for her as a gift or encourage her to listen to it somehow. Inevitably though, she has to walk her own path and make her own choices even if, to you, they seem to be the wrong ones. All you can really do is be there for her and love her even if her choices aren’t the ones you’d make. Best wishes, Cherie xxx


  3. Good job!! xxx

    On 2013/08/21 11:11 AM, “Cherie Roe Dirksen” wrote:

    > Cherie Roe Dirksen posted: ” Despair Over Humanity Disconnected Please > read the supporting articles and studies within this article. This is a tough > subject and please take note that these are my opinions you mu” >


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