Anticipation Frustration: New Music Video for Templeton Universe!


Indie Rock Awakening Song

We’ve got a new music video for our song, ‘Anticipation Frustration‘ off our album, Headspace (you can check it out HERE). This is one of my personal favourites, especially to perform live 🙂

Aniticipation Frustration is about having an awakening experience. Getting a massive slap in the face about the nature of reality and the part we play in it. It’s about the yearning for a massive shift in perspective for humanity and the planet.

Here is the video:

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A local Capetonian filmmaker did most of the video clips, she is really talented (Taryn Elliot – her website in the list below).

A big thank you to the video footage provided by the filmmakers at Pexels — you guys rock!:

Taryn Elliot (
Molnar Alex
Joao Adao
Magda Ehlers
Ricardo Esquivel
Caleb Oquendo
Gam Ol