Templeton Universe Get Blitz Review!


We were REALLY happy to receive this amazing review from the team at Blitz Radio USA last week! There are a few phrases in this that I’d like to have etched onto our tombstones!!! 🙂

You can read the review below:

Templeton Universe Makes Blitz Debut!


Today I had the distinct pleasure to hear a new sound that was a party to my ears! Michael of “Templeton Universe” reached out to Tom Slick to share a couple of their latest tracks and was I ever pleasantly surprised by what I heard! In a day where it seems most bands are trying to simply just be louder than everyone else comes a sound that harkens back to a time when radio sounded great. From South Africa,“Templeton Universe” has harmonies that would make the Beatles jealous. I say that with 100% confidence. Whatever it is this band is doing, they are certainly doing it right!

When we started Blitz Radio we cautiously entered the waters of indie music concerned we would be experiencing nothing more than bad “American Idol” of course that wasn’t the case, we had heard so many incredible artists over the last decade that makes mainstream music ashamed, as they should be. Instead of following their instincts to create the music in their hearts they sold out to the corporation to release noise that the industry calls music.

This is certainly NOT the case with “Templeton Universe” songwriter Michael Charles Dirksen aka Templeton...and his bass player Cherie Roe Dirksen have tapped into a magic rarely captured in today’s music. It is artists such as these who will become the saviors to the future of music. It is my sincere hope that to those who are turning on to music for the first time will discover that there’s something else out there besides the garbage that mainstream is selling them.

If you do one thing before the day is out, I ask you to give “Templeton Universe” a moment of your time, believe me, your ears will thank you. And once you’ve heard the harmonic sounds of this band you will be forever changed.

Tune in Thursday October 10, 2019 to the Morning Brew with Tom Slick and Arabella Fox, and you will be treated to “Never Seen” the first of two tracks will be showcasing. Monday we will be bringing to you the track, “Exhale”  from their albums, “Between Lies”  “Headspace” and Tom Slick promises you that you will have discovered a new band you didn’t even realize you couldn’t live without. The proof is in the listening, as I’ve lost count how many times I’ve now heard, “Never Seen” as it’s been on repeat while writing this article. Yeah, it’s just that good!

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Thank you all at Blitz Radio for a great review and for the airplay!

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You can check out the songs and their videos in the above article below:

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Disenchanted? This Music Video from Indie Band TEMPLETON UNIVERSE Says it All!


Disenchanted? This Music Video from Indie Band TEMPLETON UNIVERSE Says it All!

Hi y’all!

As some of you may know, I’m the bass guitarist for Templeton Universe. We’ve just released our official video for Disenchanted from our last album ‘Between Lies’.

What’s the song about? Losing your magic…seeing the unthinkable, articulating the unspeakable.

Here it is — please let me know what you think in the comment section below 🙂 Just click on the picture to take you to the video on Facebook.

Disenchanted Video Thumbnail

Thanks for watching!

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