Dissolving Chaos (Especially in Lunar Energy)

You can listen to the audio/video of this article HERE or below (thank you Higher Self channel for creating this audio).

Once in a Blue Moon…

I thought I’d write a little something today about the Full, Super, Blue, Blood, Eclipse (did I leave anything out?) Moon that’s happening tonight (read more about that here: Rare ‘Super Blood Blue Moon’ and Lunar Eclipse On Jan 31).

I’ve been witnessing the most bizarre behavior in my own community these past few days leading up to this rare moon event. Literally, people are flipping their noodles!

I’m pretty empathic (sensitive to others energy), so I can get really sucked into the drama which I’ve, thankfully and with practice, managed to avoid — but this lunar energy is still something to behold.

When the Shit Hits the Fan

I’m going to make this short, sweet and to the very sharp and somewhat smelly point:

  • Get out of any energetic shit storm that you might step into the path of — you can be the still presence but don’t get emotionally involved. Use your compassionate detachment and send lots of love and blessings to those who you can see are in a chaotic way. Remember ‘this too shall pass‘(it might be passing like a kidney stone but it will pass ) and ‘all is well‘ (this statement can alchemize a lot of disruptive energy) — those phrases always get me to take a knee and ground myself in the present moment.
  • Deal with what is yours to transmute. If it ain’t yours then walk away (as stated in point no. 1), if it is yours then visualize what you WANT to see happen instead of focusing all your creatively powerful thought on what you DON’T WANT to see happen. I do this all the time and you just won’t believe the power of intent — things can turn out better in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. So, for example: You don’t have money to pay the bills. Instead of worrying about it, focus ALL (yes, ALL) your attention on seeing yourself happy and having all your bills paid. Follow your excitement and passion (i.e. do what brings you joy and makes you happy — this could mean taking a nap under a tree or making your favorite meal or doing some color therapy). You don’t have to figure out the HOW, you just need to focus on the OUTCOME. The HOW will happen faster in ways you couldn’t have dreamed up, so let that shit go. Don’t forget to follow the breadcrumbs (synchronicity — read more about that here Why Synchronicity Can Change Your Life) because if you’re too tied up in what you don’t want, it’s unlikely you’re going to have the perception to see the solution.

Taking the Piss in Shitty Situations


I’ve said ‘shit’ quite a bit in this article and it’s with good reason that I’m flaunting my particular potty-mouthed flare. I have to share this story with you:

My father in law called up this morning to say that his septic tank (sewage system) just collapsed with him standing on top of it and he nearly fell in (thank God for his quick reflexes!). What a crappy situation and I totally sympathize with him. However, it did make me chuckle at the analogy of this ‘rare moon shindig’ bringing about a lot of ‘shit’ that we have to deal with.

It seems that if we don’t deal with it, it’s going to come up and bite us in the…well, you know. Shit’s going to rise, man! But, hopefully, I’ve equipped you with some good 2 ply toilet tissue tips on how to wipe up the mess.

This world is a mysterious matrix of holographic information (so much big truths reflected in the ‘little’ things) and it’s good to see the funny side of things, so, the last thing I want to say is: find the humor. When we can have a good laugh at ourselves, our situations and even other peoples interesting creations/situations (albeit not to their faces — let’s avoid a lunar punch-up!) — we can start to turn things around.


Cherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

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