Going Beyond Normal: Manifesting the Truly Bizarre

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The World’s a Menagerie

“Joy and elation are the quickest tools to getting those dreams and desires fleshed out.”

The most frequent question I think any South African gets asked, when visiting a foreign country, would be, ‘Do you really get lions prowling the streets?’ — To which the more common reply is a contentious, ‘no.’

As a South African resident, you rarely see wild beasts strolling down the highway — you may occasionally get a baboon raiding your fridge for last night’s lasagna (if you’ve left a door or window open), but nothing like a giraffe talking a stroll through Cape Town botanical gardens at high tea.

Most well-traveled global citizens would already know that despite South Africa being a third world country, it does indeed have cities, freeways and fences (yes, I was also once asked if we have roads, I mean really! And just for a bit of comic relief — I was even thrown this question by an Indian lady with a British accent on the London underground, ‘If you’re from South Africa, why aren’t you black?’ to which my response was, ‘my parents are.’  It kept her quiet and mentally incapacitated for the rest of the journey).  Suffice it to say, it’s not all untamed bushveld here in the deep South.

I’m going to turn tail a bit here and share my recent experiences in actually manifesting the reality of the wild world I’ve so vehemently denied exists. My efforts above where to set the stage for the more common perspective of life in the RSA but what I’m going to say now is going to blow all that out of the water.

Let Your Mind Go Wild

If you still don’t think we create our reality then please do read on…

One of my favorite holidays was going on safari — there was nothing more magical, in my opinion, than watching a rhinoceros peacefully grazing to the backdrop of an African sunset or witnessing a pride of lions playing with their cubs under a starlit sky.

Point: I love seeing animals in the wild.

I just finished reading Douglas Adams’ book, ‘The Salmon of Doubt’, where his main character read his horoscope for the day and it entailed meeting a rhinoceros named Desmond — a possible stretch of the astrological imagination of any prediction addict living in the ‘real’ world but not terribly far from what I’m about to tell you…

Pachyderm Road Trip

My husband and I were on the road to our closest mall (a mere 2 hour drive away), I was gazing nonchalantly out of the window at the passing flora wishing to see something more exciting — I sh*t you not — like an elephant or something (let me stress again, this is not as common as you think).

You guessed it, not only five minutes later my hubby almost went careening off the road as I let out an excited high-pitched squawk — there was an elephant standing about 10 meters off the side of the road (behind a fence) eating his breakfast. I never had the chance to catch his handle but if I were to hazard a guess, he looked like a ‘Brian’.

It was one of those moments where you had to pinch yourself.

To put this into perspective: I have lived in South Africa for 41 years now and have never just casually seen an elephant on the side of the road — only in game reserves.

I told him (my husband, not the elephant) what I was just thinking and he thought it was rather incredible. I made a mental note to say it out loud next time to be even more credible.

At least he witnessed the elephant for himself. A while back we were traveling to our local mountain pass, on our monthly spring water collection, when I saw a flock of zebras (also not common), unfortunately, he never witnessed them as he had his eyes on the road.

Stripes ‘n Snakes

Every time we pass the spot where the said zebras were, I keep my eyes open for them as I really want him to see them for himself.

Last week I lucked out completely! As we were nearing the spot I said, ‘I wish I could see those zebras again’. We passed the spot but, alas, no striped horses to be found. On our journey back they were actually leaning over the fence on the side of the road in clear sight!

This time my husband saw them and was really taken aback.

I’m not going to bore you further about the escaped lion from a nearby nature reserve being seen on the mountains in my village or my almost daily encounters with reptiles that ought to be hibernating in the winter (every time I venture out into my garden I think of snakes despite the warnings from my husband not to…that’s like telling someone to not think of a monkey wearing a pink tutu) — no, I’m going to get to the point.

You Manifest All the Time

sub buttonLet’s face it, it’s a bit tricky to keep on thinking about all those goodies and goals you want to materialize in your life.

Our minds tend to wander and daydream and we start manifesting the weirdest things (good, bad and middle of the road…or even side of the road, in my case). Next time you witness or are involved in something a bit out of the ordinary — check in with yourself and try to remember what you were thinking in the build up to that moment.

However, manifesting the weird things can be a complete blessing. Not only is it really nice to see a bit of wildlife (in my case) — ain’t nature great and all that stuff — but it shows us that anything is possible if we play with the idea long enough and bring in a matching vibration.

Maybe our belief factor is more attuned to conjuring a wolf (or a monkey in a tutu) than it is a monetary windfall. However, seeing that wolf (or monkey in a tutu) gives us confirmation that we are able to do anything if we believe it enough and that sure is enough for me to keep believing in my own manifesting prowess and to keep working on it.

There’s no one blanket fix to solve everyone’s believability chip but we can start trying to whip up interesting and unusual things (let’s try move past the parking fairy and onto the more spectacular — maybe along the tracks of a rhino named Desmond or possibly an elephant named Brian?) to show us how we take baby steps to claiming our power.

Be light-hearted and have a good laugh along the way, it quickens up the process and injects joy into your journey. Joy and elation are the quickest tools to getting those dreams and desires fleshed out.

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