‘The Sound of Art’ Video Series Debut — Interviews, Live Music and a Special Guest from Paris (7 mins)

Mission Impossible

Or should I say, mission I’m possible (as the daughter of my friend just discovered!).  I see you reading the title and asking yourself, ‘all this in under 7 minutes?’.

You’d better believe it!

The Sound of Art Poster 3

After much blood, sweat and tears over the past 2 weeks — the final cut is ready!  And all in the same week as my second book get’s sent off to the publishers — just call me the Duracell bunny.  Did I mention I’m also working on a 5 panel commissioned painting?

Another Coffee, Please!

Maria Von Trapp, Succulent Musical Performances and Some Dubious Animation

This is episode 1 and I’m being interviewed about the first painting, ‘Escapism’ in my Rock Art Series (painted to Radiohead).  I have made a special menu button for the Rock Art blogs that can be seen under my banner for quick reference or if you just want to catch-up on the series again.

Without further ado…here is the video (please remember to adjust the quality on Youtube otherwise it can automatically pick the fastest and lowest quality setting).

Don’t Be Shy to Voice Your Opinion (as Long as it’s Dripping with Honey!)

Your comments are more than welcome, either here or on Youtube.

I would also like to ask that, if you like the video (of course), can you please share it with your friends, Twitter buddies or Facebook pals.  I could sure use your help to get this series out into the big wide world.

Actually, you can even share it if you think is sucks.  I don’t mind.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?  I’m probably going to regret saying that some day. 🙂

A Big Thank You to My Contributors

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank all you special people out there in cyberspace for your support and for those generous souls who agree to keep me afloat by buying me copious amounts of ‘coffee/tea’ through the site — your donations keep me going in ways you can’t imagine, so a big Thank You.

5 thoughts on “‘The Sound of Art’ Video Series Debut — Interviews, Live Music and a Special Guest from Paris (7 mins)

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  2. You rock, Cherie! And Mike! Brilliant. In-depth, emotive, expressive, rich, full, funny, creative and unique… and left me wanting more. Well done. xo


    • lol…thank you, Tess :). So glad you were left wanting more, cause there’s 9 more to come in this series…just don’t know when they will manifest themselves! Thanks for watching, I appreciate the feedback.


  3. OH MY HAT, talk about an emotional roller-coaster I went from tear to hysterics in just under 7 mins. You two are totally amazing – awards for being the most incredible couple who constantly manage to keep me on my toes with your many hidden talents. Well done!!! I have such an amazing vision for this rock art series. Rock-on! Love Lucille x


    • 🙂 I’m glad you got a good laugh out of that. I hope you had to change your underwear! lol…Thanks for watching and commenting and for the accolades. It’s a real boost to hear that your visions are in alignment with my dreams for this project. xxx


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