Gushing with Gratitude to YOU — Tens of Thousands of Art Shares via Pinterest!

thanks for the pins

I wanted to take some time out today to say a big, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to YOU — my readers/clients/collectors and fellow art addicts — I’ve had an overwhelming response to my art on Pinterest.

It means so much to me that you take the time out to ‘collect’ my art and repin to thousands of other eyes across the globe via your boards. You don’t know how much it means to me and how much exposure my art gets through your generous sharing.

I love you all and thanks for all the support!!!

Here are a few of my artworks that tipped the scales recently — the best clocking up a staggering 24200 pins and 4700 likes:


white pops





  • Which one is your favourite?
  • Do you know that I do commissions too? Why not drop me an e-mail at for a FREE consultation.

Although all of the 5 artworks above are sold — you can still purchase art prints, canvas prints, framed prints and other products at RedBubble. Click the links below to visit my shop 😀

Another Quick Thank You…

Thank you to Christine who purchased the original painting ‘Misery and Mercy’ yesterday from the Karoo Art Hotel — I hope it brings you so much joy! Thank you for sharing that the theme of the painting resonated with your life.

Prints of this painting can still be purchased through Saatchi (click on the picture below):

misery and mercy scale

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