LOA: Are You an Accident Waiting to Happen?


To pick up from last week’s blog — LOA:  Aligning with How You Are Feeling — let’s explore believability.

It took me 9 years of excavating my own thoughts and creations (after finding out about the Law of Attraction via The Secret DVD and book by Rhonda Byrne) to get a clear and workable understanding of the Law of Attraction (LOA). I’m now in a pretty good place thanks to my own revelations of the law and how it works.

How did I get here?

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Yes, literally.

Not that your journey has to be anything like mine. We are all different and our life experiences and wisdom will usually dictate how quickly we ‘get’ something.

My biggest problem to conquer with the LOA was belief and it’s taken me these 9 years to get to a place where I’m really getting it.

I’m sure most of you who saw or read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne all those years back, got a shiver of excitement as she revealed the secrets of the Universe with regards to manifesting our reality.

You probably resonated with what she was saying and cast your mind back over your life up until that point to discover that you were, even inadvertently, creating your experience.

The Bad Sh*t

As I said in the previous blog, gravity is impartial and pretty unfair to a person who just got pushed out of a ten story building.

But you may say, did that man manifest his murder? And, if so, why? Who would want to manifest something like that?

I don’t think anyone would consciously manifest their murder and I can only speculate the possibilities of what may happen in an instance like this:

  • What was that person’s soul contract? A very personal and controversial topic that covers karma, soul groups (why souls volunteer to help other souls work through their karma or soul lessons/growth) and would take a book to explain.
  • What was that person thinking and feeling? This would usually be over an extensive time period and not just a flippant thought stream. People who are constant worriers over vast epochs have a high probability of manifesting something unpleasant. If you have a fleeting bad thought, it may only manifest itself as a stubbed toe.

If you constantly worry about your safety or constantly complain about crime or how unfair and violent this world is — you’re setting the stage for some pretty grim feedback. The LOA only picks up on what vibration or frequency you are emitting and sends you more of that.

Author Disclaimer

SUBSCRIBE icon 1Now before I get jumped for saying that, I would like to say that I’ve had some pretty horrible things happen to me in my life (as, I’m sure, most of you can claim) and I accept that there are some things that we just can’t explain. Especially when it comes to the loss of our loved ones. It’ll do your head in to try and work out why bad things happen to good people.

We can only resort to finding comfort in that none of us know the bigger picture. We can only trust in the law of cause and effect — that everything will be balanced in divine time and has some purpose we may not be aware of.

We can do our bit by trying to take heart in assuming responsibility — from this point onwards — for our thoughts and what we create on a daily basis.

Back to Our Emotions

In my experience, it is very unlikely to manifest an accident if you are a cautious driver who only emits thoughts of safety and protection on the road. However, if you are someone who has a hot-temper and believes that you should be the only one allowed on the roads and everyone else is in your way — then, again, this is a recipe for disaster.

I can attest to this as the only minor (thank goodness) accident I ever had whilst driving was because I got into my car in a steaming hot temper — I hadn’t even got out onto the road before my collision, it happened virtually on the edge of my driveway.

I am, otherwise, a fairly passive driver and always shield my vehicle with white light. I’ve also had my license for over 23 years without incident (except for the above example).

I didn’t know about the LOA when this minor bump occurred — I only had my ‘a-ha’ moment upon reflection and I distinctly remember being very cross when I got into the car.

Getting Brutally Honest

To figure out things like this takes a lot of honest introspection.

We are creatures who immediately want to wash our hands of blame, this is a natural instinct of self-preservation and defense usually instilled at an early age.

Try to be as compassionate as you can when looking for key factors as to why something unpleasant may have happened to you. If you truly can’t find a reason, you may need to take solace that your soul wanted you to have the experience to grow.

Never judge other peoples bad luck or experiences — you have NO idea what another soul is going through or trying to achieve.

Disabilities and Dolphins — a Story of Sheer Determination Against All Odds

For example: I know a courageous, amazing man who is in a wheelchair. He was an extremely talented artist and musician but can’t really do much in that arena as his illness has affected the use of his hands.

Instead of slipping into self-pity and despair, this man has elevated himself and is helping others in his position to achieve great things. He has become a deep-sea diver and is now one of the directors of a NGO. He makes videos of his excursions which include swimming with sharks, whales and dolphins — it is truly magical what he films and photographs!

You can see the passion and zest in his eyes when he relays one of his dives.

One can only speculate that had he not found himself in this situation, would he have gone on to accomplish so much? I don’t know the answer, all I can say is he accepted his situation and moved on to create a life full of adventure and desire whilst helping others too.

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Next week, I’m going to look more at what changed my believability factor from 0 to thrive.


Cherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

To date, she has published 3 self-help and motivational books and brings out weekly inspirational blogs at her site www.cherieroedirksen.com. Get stuck into finding your passion, purpose and joy by downloading some of those books gratis when you click HERE.

Her ambition is to help you to connect with your innate gift of creativity and living the life you came here to experience by taking responsibility for your actions and becoming the co-creator of your reality. You can follow Cherie on Facebook (The Art of Empowerment — for article updates). She also has just recently launched her official art Facebook page (Cherie Roe Dirksen – for new art updates).

Cherie posts a new article on CLN every Thursday. To view her articles, click HERE.

This article (LOA – Are You an Accident Waiting to Happen?was originally written for and published byConscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

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