Ditch the Resolution, Start a Revolution! Odyssey Digimag Issue 5 Now Out

image004It’s easy for us to make big plans for gargantuan change on New Year’s Eve but not so easy to stick with the program come January. Especially when, in the words of Robbie Burns, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley” or, in plainer English, have a tendency to go slightly off the rails.

Resolutions can be monotonous affairs with ones inner struggle to become happier/healthier/or whatever your intention may be. Trouble is, the only resolution that’s going to work and stick is more of a revolution.

The definition of revolution is:

  1. A forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system.
  2. An instance of revolving.

I love the latter definition as we lean towards making these ‘resolutions’ at the end of an Earth’s revolution around the sun. Drop the ‘r’ and you’ve got evolution — even better! The definition of evolution is the growth, rise, expansion or advancement of something. Now we’re cooking!

Changing Perspectives

Let’s look at definition no. 1 — overthrowing the old, outworn structure to bring on a new, rejuvenated system. That’s really what resolutions are about.

Instead of making unreasonable vows to never eat carbs or ice-cream again (let’s face it, it’s a grim prospect) or to spend 3 hours a day at the gym — why not pledge to make a lifestyle change that  is gradual and attainable?

Like for instance: I’m going to make healthier lifestyle choices

The above statement doesn’t enforce depravation of any kind. It’s harder to break a new way of being if restrictions are not stringently placed upon it. Use this as your mantra every morning and become more mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth every meal-time — you’ll start to develop an awareness of healthier foods and you’ll begin making better choices on your sojourns down the aisles at your local grocer or market. Baby steps make strong foundations for change.

Go one step further and start a veggie garden or a vertical balcony garden. If you have absolutely no space — approach your local council or community representative and start a communal garden.

Start making better activity alternatives like taking your bicycle into town to buy that bunch of bananas for your fruit salad or climbing the stairs to your apartment instead of taking the lift. Carry lots of pure drinking water to wash away what the body doesn’t need and to keep you hydrated.

If it’s happiness you’re after start pledging to do more things that make you happy. Make a list of all the things you’d like to try, do or devote more time to. If you don’t have time, start affirming that you’ve got all the time in the world and then start cutting out hour-guzzling activities like social media and staring at a box with flashing pictures on it (as much fun as it is, 2 hours a day is ample time to spend watching the telly).

5 Simple Steps You Can Take to Thrive in 2017 and Beyond…

Read more by going to pages 70-73 in the latest ODYSSEY magazine Issue 5 (or click on the pictures below). The digimag is 100% FREE and there are other great articles in there. Paulo Coehlo always ends the issue off with his words of wisdom.



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