The Most Insanely Creative Gifts You Can Give Anyone! And Saves on Therapy Bills Too…

There is a wave of creative stress relief hitting the globe in the form of colour therapy — have you caught the surf yet? I've got 2 of these colour therapy drawings to give YOU now, download them for free HERE (Watery Wonder World) and HERE (Fairy Garden). So what's this insane gift idea? I'm trying to take creativity... Continue Reading →

What Artistic Genius Are You Going to Give This Colour Therapy Picture?

It's been a while since I last posted some colour therapy art, therefore I thought today's blog should be all about fun, creativity and de-stressing! I found this drawing I did back in 2002 and decided it would be a good picture to colour in. So, readers — young and old — feel free to print this out and... Continue Reading →

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