What Artistic Genius Are You Going to Give This Colour Therapy Picture?

color therapy picIt’s been a while since I last posted some colour therapy art, therefore I thought today’s blog should be all about fun, creativity and de-stressing!

I found this drawing I did back in 2002 and decided it would be a good picture to colour in.

So, readers — young and old — feel free to print this out and get to work on making it pop with life as you dust off those crayons and give it your personal artistic touch!

There’s nothing like a bit of colour therapy to get your right-brain dusted off and back in creative action while you give yourself some space to just be (kick that anxiety to the curb!).

Why not get the whole family involved? It’s fun for everyone!

Please e-mail me your finished masterpieces so I can insert them below (send to cheriedirksen@yahoo.com).

Watery Wonder World by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Click on picture and then ‘save as’ or ‘print’ — ‘Watery Wonder World’ by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Got the colouring bug?

Try your hand at colouring this picture too (click here to take you to the next colour therapy pic).  Don’t forget to share with friends and family — you never know who may enjoy this creative activity):

If you would like to GO LARGE, I also have this picture available as a poster (in 2 different sizes) at my print store (you can order yours by CLICKING HERE). What’s more is I have this design available on all sorts of products like mugs, t-shirts, skirts, leggings, so you can even get yourself some glass or fabric paint and go mad!  Or enjoy as is 😀


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