Are You Being Disillusioned by Reality?

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“Reality is merely an illusion albeit a persistent one” — Albert Einstein

WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

So is the reality we live in, this world of solid matter and factual science, real or is it merely an illusion as many alternate faiths believe it to be?

What a question!

The answer is going to be evasive but this is how I see it:  It’s both.

It feels pretty ‘real’ to us as we are taught to live by our senses — touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing.  After all, seeing is believing, right?

Not really.

Could it be that the ‘solid’ reality we navigate on a daily basis is only concrete because we give it the credence?  In other words, our minds make it seem real.  Why might we do this?

My guess would be to experiment with this extraordinary little thing called life.  And why should this be so hard to believe anyway?

Bring out the Playstation/Wii

SunriseWe have video games that do the same thing in a virtual reality.  We can almost play out any desire we want to through these programs.  They seem real enough when we are engaged in them, now, is it so hard to conceive that our physical lives could be a similar enactment?

Could this be because we are slowly grasping the concept of our world being a simulated matrix and this is our basis of comparison (through video games)?

I think soon enough, technology will give us neurological plugins so we can experience these games in a much more sensory way.  In fact, they probably already exist and just haven’t hit the shelves yet (at least not the last time I was in a South African shop).

What Dreams May Come

Another question to pose is why dreams feel so real if we are physically not engaging our bodies?  I can evoke all my senses when I am physically still and asleep through the visual, tactile and sometimes even tasty terrain of my dreamscapes.

This is because our minds are the engine, the driving force behind our ‘reality’.  So even in our dreams things sometimes feel just as solid as if we were awake.

Are you even awake now, how do you know you aren’t still dreaming?

One can even achieve this by daydreaming or lucid dreaming.  The body is not moving but the mind is telling us otherwise.

Is this not a blatant clue that our realities are only such as perceived or dictated to through our minds?

The Collective Consciousness

Cosmic GirlSo why are we all experiencing the same illusion?

When we travel on the train, drive a car, go to work or walk in the park — we’re having a relatively similar experience and if this is just an illusion why aren’t we all engrossed in our own wonderlands?

Well, one theory is that we are choreographing a collective experience agreement on a soul experiential level.  This isn’t such a hard pill to swallow if you are familiar with the idea that we are all connected — a part of the One.

The second consideration is that, strictly speaking, we are living in our own ‘worlds’.  We do create experience around our own version of life.  Therefore it could be said that we are engrossed in our own wonderland.

Bypass Suffering

With that in tow, why not work with the illusion?  Be in this world but not of it.  Live with passion and purpose and enjoy yourself knowing that this is not all there is.  There is so much more than being birthed and dying — the adventure always continues.

This third dimensional reality could very possibly be merely an illusion and if you live it like it is the only truth, you will suffer.

There are realms beyond our current perceptions.  Just because we can’t ‘see’ them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  They exist with or without your belief but if you chose to believe they become more real — more poignant.  You create your experience every step of the way.

The 7 Billion Golden Truth Nugget

TreeWhose truth?  There is no one truth.  You only have your truth.  It may coincide with another’s but it is not the only version of fact as we all have a perspective to deal with, a filter of life experience that will differ from individual to individual.  There are over 7 billion truths out there right now.

This is why it is important to step into your integrity, to live from your truth.  When you do that you are in alignment.  You don’t have to force your reality onto anyone else, let them figure it out according to their own soul script.

Your mind creates your playground of reality — don’t take it too seriously but take joy very seriously.  Strive to be in love and bliss and whether this reality is illusion or all there is — you will have lived thoroughly.

On a lighter note:  This article was written from my perspective, it is perfectly sound for you to make up your own mind about the world in which you live in.  If you do happen to agree with what has been said here, it doesn’t really matter because all of this has been a mere illusion anyway!

I’ll wrap this up with the quote I used at the beginning of this blog:

Einstein Quote

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