How Stubbing Your Toe is Good News!

What You Give Out You Get Back

You’d better believe it!

What you vibrate you attract — it’s like stubbing your toe in the morning…cursing, then knocking your knee on the staircase…yelling.  All this starts to send out a particular vibration until it’s snowballing into a thoroughly, bloody rubbish day!

Instead, stub your toe and thank God for having a toe that you could stub in the first place…lol.  Well, it’s certianly worth a try.

There’s Always a Twist in the Tale!

I am going to call this Twistamatosis — the art of taking a dire situation and turning it around by doing the unexpected or exact opposite of what is expected in a positive and unusual manner. It’s all about finding…

  • The treasure hidden in your garbage can
  • The diamond glittering through your lump of coal
  • The champagne Uncle George gave you for Christmas still neatly corked in an otherwise empty fridge barring the expired sauce bottles
  • A clean pair of underpants in the dryer when you thought you were all out and it’s date night
  • Waking up early for work only to realize it’s a holiday!

You know I could go on but I won’t.  I’ll leave that up to you.  What analogies can you come up with for Twistamatosis?  Flex your funny bone.

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