Anthropomorphic Animal Art: Introducing Pigeon Holmes

Pigeon Investigator Holmes was hand painted and cut out of layers of cardboard to give him that 3D feel. He’s going to be one out of a collection of anthropomorphic animals I’m hatching! So be sure to follow this blog as the next little critter is a doozy!

The design says, “Pigeon Investigator Holmes was conducting his investigation going on the crumbs his client had left. Holmes was keeping abreast of the case.”

Holmes is a perfect fun gift for bird watchers, especially those with an aptitude for pigeons. And if you’re partial to detective novels and famous sleuthing characters, that’s just an added bonus.

Let pet detective Holmes put a smile on your face. You can enter my shop to investigate further HERE

I’ve got a range of over 90 products with this design to choose from. All made to order, so it’s carbon neutral and all made in safe working conditions so you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here is a taste of what my store has to offer:

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