Why is “Meaning” so Important?


Let’s Bake a Cake

Say you fancy making something sweet for yourself — a real treat. You get in that kitchen and you start mixing up a storm — you’ve got your self-raising flour, eggs, milk, butter, vanilla and they’re blending with ease.

You set your oven to heat up to the correct temperature to cook your delicious cake. You’re almost about to slip that cake into the cooker when you remember you didn’t add the sugar to your mixture! What a disaster that would’ve been?!

You march over to the sugar container but you hesitate. Maybe you should rather put salt in?

You stand over the sugar and salt debating which one to use and you decide to add the salt.

Seems ludicrous, doesn’t it?

Salt Gets a Bad Wrap, Metaphorically Speaking

  • Without the sugar in the cake, the cake would have been rather bland or neutral in taste, right?
  • If you’d substituted salt with the sugar, the cake would’ve been inedible.
  • With the right amount of sugar, you would’ve been enjoying your confection on the porch right this minute with a nice cup of tea.

This is an allegory for life being neutral/meaningless until you give it meaning (sugar/salt).

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SmartSelectImage_2021-01-04-13-24-17Often people dream of achieving something (baking a cake) and then inject their desire with negativity (salt) instead of optimism and feelings of elation (sugar). It seems like a no-brainer that if you’re trying to manifest something, the last thing you want to do is project all the things that are wrong, could go wrong or have gone wrong in the past.

Well, not unless you want things to go horribly wrong.

Adding salt to your cake batter sounds ridiculous but we are doing it all the time in the culinary school of life.

Next time you’re thinking of baking a cake (or cooking up a dream), don’t forget to coat it with sugar! Feelings of love, mirth, elation, delight, optimism, bliss and surety will bring you the sweetest tasting experience.  It’s your job to follow the recipe.

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