5 Golden Nuggets I Would’ve Wanted to Know as a Youth

Move Over Moses!

If you had a time machine, what would you go back and tell your younger self? What important advice could you give your child right now?

For me, I’d chisel these 5 things onto a stone tablet (just to be sure it would hit home) and hand it to Cherie the youth:

  1. Conforming is nuts, weird is way cooler —  Don’t try to be who you are not.  Everyone wants an original not a copy — thinking out of the box is not even good enough…heck, burn the box! Most people who truly make it in this life have brought something truly unique into the world. If non-conforming get’s you the nickname ‘weirdo’, wear it with pride and read this article to prove how spectacularly awesome being weird is: Why Being Weird is Unusually Cool!
  2. Don’t take things personally — Being young certainly came with inadvertently taking on the opinions of our peers and family. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and tastes but there is no ‘blanket’ rule over what the truth is as there are over 7 billion different perspectives on earth right now. You’re never going to have universal appeal so be happy with the unique you. Read more about throwing out things that don’t serve you here: 8 Tips on How to Stop Caring What Other People Think of You
  3. Don’t hold a grudge — to forgive literally means to release from a debt. If only I had known back then that to hold a grudge means extra baggage for you! Read related article: Want to Live Longer?
  4. Make good choices — our choices define who we are more than our abilities sub button(paraphrasing here from J.K. Rowling’s character, Dumbledore, from the Harry Potter series). We make big and small choices daily and, let’s face it, those choices carry weight as they affect our lives.  If you take a tumble from the bandwagon, there is always a solution to any given problem — that’s if you are quiet enough to hear the innate wisdom that is always inside your heart (read related article: How to Use Your Heart Wisdom).  Life doesn’t just randomly happen to you if you take responsibility for your choices — good and bad.
  5. Your thoughts are uber powerful! — How utterly cool would it have been to know — back in the day — that your thoughts are the catalyst (along with your feeling frequency) to manifesting whatever you want in your life!?! Damn, all the things I could’ve done with the Law of Attraction in my youth…alas. Good news is, it’s never too late to start taking the bull by the horns and direct your life with new thoughts and feelings that serve you (instead of work against you). It’s truly incredible that you can do or be anything you want to be by aligning your feelings with where you want to be or with what you want to achieve. Read related articles here: LOA – Aligning with How You Are FeelingLOA – Are You an Accident Waiting to Happen?LOA – Baby Steps That Snowball! and LOA: Getting Ready to Manifest the Best 2017 Possible!

I hope you enjoyed the list — what advice would you have imparted to your younger self?

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