Finding Yourself and Your Purpose

Here are some quotes and pictures from my book ‘Creative Expression — How to find your inspiration…’ (download the entire book FREE here) to help kick-start your week and ignite your passion and zest for life:

Pushing the envelope of creative expansion breaks down any illusion of limitation.  Once you step out of the box, infinity beckons your every whim.

Bask in the knowledge that existence is infinite, as are all possibilities.

We create in a field of pure energy potential.

“God is omnipotent — in everyone and everything…”

To know the mind of God is to know your own mind.  Dissolve the thoughts that do not serve you and nourish the ones that will blossom into your unique experience.

God wants to experience through you and you will benefit greatly from the experience of God — who resides in the stillness, the place between thoughts.

Why is creativity important?

Thought leads to inspire.  Inspiration gives rise to creativity.  Creation gives form to manifest reality.  Without creation there would be no reality to experience.  Ergo, creativity is as necessary to our souls as energy is to sustaining the Universe.

And all of this is birthed by the most powerful force — love.

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9 thoughts on “Finding Yourself and Your Purpose

  1. Just want you to know… I am so grateful for you, your incredible work and your beautiful words. Thank you for helping me on my path. For being a light in this world, as we all work to make our part of the world a better place. I appreciate your daily inspiration. ❤


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  3. thought to inspiration to creativity – that’s a process i hadn’t thought about but now to read how you describe it, realize that’s how my creative writing comes about too. thoughts is behind it all.
    thanks for the reminder. i’m searching fo my own form of creativity
    Noch Noch


    • I’m glad it resonates with you. I often find that it all begins with me sitting quietly and thinking about something, then I start to feel inspired to write or paint, or whatever it is I feel like doing with that thought, then I truly get a bee-in-my-bonnet to take action and get up and do something (create)… 🙂 Happy searching!


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